Fla defeated Altos and advanced to the Copa do Brasil, but the board was criticized

Flamengo is located around 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The Red-Blacks beat Altos-PI tonight (11), in the Volta Redonda, by 2-0, and advanced in the race, slightly lowering the pitch. The score was set up with goals from Gabigol, from penalties, and Victor Hugo, both in the half. At the end of the stage, even with no competition on the scoreboard, boos can be heard. Before the ball rolled, banners against members of the board were seen in place. At the end of the game, there is a mixture of celebration and protest.

In the first game, in Albertão, the team from Gávea won 2-1, in return. The split will occur during times of crisis and with the work of coach Paulo Sousa at stake.

Fla the candidate in the next round will also be drawn. The team returns to the area on Saturday, against Ceará, at Castelão, for the Brazilian Championship. Altos, in turn, will face Atlético Cearense, for the Series C.

Flamengo live

Who succeeds – Lazarus

The attacking midfielder has performed well in some games, giving the striker an option that is looking for a place in the attacking midfield. At one of the opportunities, he puts Pedro in front of the goal. Later, it was suffering that caused Gabigol to open the scoring.

Back to the grass

Rodrigo Caio in action for Flamengo, in competition with Altos-PI, for the Copa do Brasil - Gilvan de Souza / CRF - Gilvan de Souza / CRF
Photo: Gilvan de Souza / CRF

Defender Rodrigo Caio is back in action after five months with a problem in his right knee. The player is the initiator and leader in today’s tournament.

The final match of the jersey 3 was against Sport, early December, also for Brasleiro. He underwent surgery on his right knee in December and later contracted an infection in one of the stitches. The player exits the game at half time.

Flamengo theater

The Red-and-Black team entered the field with the Chinese team among others, with names like Rodrigo Caio, who played for the first time in 2022, Marcos Paulo, Lázaro and Marinho. Coach Paulo Sousa managed to stay almost throughout the first half of the attack, but found it difficult to pierce the opponent.

In the second half, the trainer chose to change the design, putting Pedro in place of Thiago Maia. The transition is applied, and the starting point occurs. In one attack, Lázaro crashed into the area and Fla opened the scoring with a kick, changing the status of the game.

Altos work

Altos started the race despite trying to create a design to “get out of the game”, but soon they made more defensive lines and tried to use the exit faster. They even saw some places, but they did not get Hugo to work.

The team, however, did not oppose the change made by Fla, and started out in several places. After the candidate opens the score, he tries to climb to the ground, but manages to build up a bit.

Banners protect the board

    Flamengo fans display their flags against Rodolfo Landim and Marcos Braz, against Altos-PI, for the Copa do Brasil, in the Volta Redonda - ALEXANDRE NETO / PHOTOPRESS / ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO - ALEXANDRE NETO / PHOTOPRESS / ESTADÃO CONTEÚO

A group of Flamengo fans held placards against members of the cultural leadership of Raulino de Oliveira, with slogans such as “Fora Landim”, the club’s president, and ” Fora Braz ”, vice president of football.

Last Monday, the Justice Committee of Flamengo approved an amendment restricting the “Off-Rio” membership of the board to 1,000. According to the agreement, “The Off-Rio Contributor member is a resident outside the metropolitan area of ​​Rio de Janeiro and at least 100 miles from the restricted area of ​​Rio de Janeiro.“.


She’s gone!

The game starts to warm up. Flamengo put a lot of pressure on the departure of Altos and managed to have the ball, with good results in attack, but without a very clear timeline.

The first clean-up came after Thiago Maia released Lázaro, who was in charge of Marcelo and hit the ball out, but sent it over the goal.

“Mini missile” has no direction

The Red-Blacks were around the Altos area, but found it difficult to pierce the opponent’s block. Football in the far middle had become a weapon, and Marinho doubled the risk, fearing the defense of the Piauí team.

On the beam

João Gomes was close to opening the scoring. After a corner kick, Leo Pereira deflected and the steering wheel appeared in the back of the defense to complete, but sent to the foot of the post.

boo ua

At the end of the first half, the Flamengo team and coach Paulo Sousa heard the onslaught from the spot, like boos.


Returning from the break, Paulo Sousa changed the face of the team by putting Pedro in place of Thiago Maia, and Fla started the game in 4-2-3-1. Shirt 21, right at the start of stage two, has a good season. He got in quick and tried to dribble the goalkeeper, but Marcelo made the right lunge and scored the goal kick.

The drug “Arrascaeta”

With a group of very uneducated people, the crowd began to ask for Arrascaeta entry. And Paulo Sousa replied. When Uruguayan is preparing to enter …

… fine for Fla and purpose

After João Gomes was sent off, Lázaro made a mistake in the area. In payment, Gabigol opened the scoring.

change scenery

With the improvement of the scores, Flamengo managed to have a little more peace in the exchange. At the same time, Altos was looking for a draw, but, with a split team, failed to develop the game.


As the game entered the final stretch, Marcos Aurélio came off the bench and, in the first half, feared Fla. He got up and hit Hugo at an angle, but the ball went close to the pole and went wide.

purpose of birth

In the final minutes, Rodinei received from Diego, crossing and Victor Hugo went up to check and continue. It was his first professional goal, and by the time he was 18 years old.

Insults to the board

At the end of the whistle, mix with excitement and protest. While celebrating the split, President Landim and Vice President Marcos Braz were cursed.



DateDate: 11 May 2022 (Wednesday)
Make an appointment: 19:30 (from Brasilia)
Competition: Copa do Brasil – Let’s play again
Local: Raulino de Oliveira, in Volta Redonda (RJ)
The judgeDouglas Marques das Flores (SP)
help: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (Fifa / SP) and Daniel Luis Marques (SP)
yellow card: Thiago Maia, Rodinei (Flamengo); Diego Viana, Lucas Souza (Altos)

purpose: Gabigol, at 12 minutes, and Victor Hugo, at 40 minutes at half time.

FLAMENGO: Hugo Souza; Rodinei, Rodrigo Caio (Pablo), Léo Pereira and Marcos Paulo (Matheuzinho); Thiago Maia (Pedro), Gomes, Diego and Lázaro (Arrascaeta); Marino (Victor Hugo) and Gabriel. Physician: Paulo Sau

HIGH: Marcelo, Júlio Ferrari (Mosquito), Fábio Aguiar, Lucas Souza and Dieyson; Marconi, Sousa Tibiri and Diego Viana (Marcos Aurélio); Eliélton (Lucas Campos), Manoel (Danilo Bala) and Betinho (Dico). Physician: Francisco Rau

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