First Chiellini, then Dybala now de Ligt … What happened to Juventus?

It is not easy to deal with change, especially if they are unexpected. At Juventus, they are facing a revolution of biblical dimensions, but perhaps not everyone wants to … Chiellini’s resignation was “forced” by a lack of access to the World Cup. If Italy had seized tickets for Qatar in 2022, King George would have continued training at the Continassa instead of flying to Los Angeles (among other things, good luck for new stars and striping adventures). On Dybala I typed everything possible. I could not have imagined such a sad ending and such a great future (at least for the people of Juventus). I was convinced that Joya would end her career in black and white. They gave him a full Juventus suit, who knows if he would be good with the Nerazzurri … Can Dybala’s farewell be avoided? Maybe yes, but if Argentina put his hand on his heart … he would like another solution. Understandably at the level of “professional player who cares about his interests” less if I think about how much Juventus have given him in seven years (not always easy). After all, even Dybala is in the past …
Now de Ligt. I always thought that the real wealth of Juventus today is the Dutch. He is 22 years old, he is very old and he also has a lot of room for improvement. Never pay tribute to those who criticize him: I see him play live all year and I have no doubts about No value to him. His statement on the retirement of the Netherlands (players now speak seriously only when they are in the national team) a few weeks ago worries me: tired of finishing fourth. Legal by a winner like de Ligt, but also a way to warn Juventus to assume a future without his presence at Juventus. Here, the loss of de Ligt is also a huge disappointment for Allegri. Hard to find one that can replace it immediately. The only one to think about is Koulibaly … Of course, having a contract until 2024, the former Ajax player will make Juventus a lot of money. If PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea really wanted to take it from the Old Lady, then they would have to pay a lot ត្រឹមត្រូវ and rightly so. All prices). However, losing Chiellini, Dybala and de Ligt in the same summer will leave me with a lot of questions in my head. Allegri has said that next season will start again. I believe in it, but to win you need champions like Chiellini, Dybala and de LIgt, or at least others of the same level. Finding them will not be easy. Fortunately, Pogba seems willing to wear a black and white uniform. He looks really good, right?
I close by replying to an 11-year-old Matteo who contacted me via social media to ask me this specific question: “Fabrizio, who will win the Scudetto next year?” Matteo As promised, I will reply to you via TMW editorial: “Matteo, it’s too early to make predictions. I know you are an AC Milan fan and I’m sure the Devils will still do well next season, but this is how I feel right now if Inter want to keep Dybala, keep Lautaro Martinez and add Lukaku, I really think they will. “Become the number one favorite to take Scudetto home.”


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