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Long-lived Covid was diagnosed in half of the patients with the diseasechildbirth

Published 05/11/2022 14:38

A study by Fiocruz Minas indicated that half of those diagnosed with covid-19 had side effects that could last longer than a year. The study followed, for 14 months, 646 patients with the disease. Of these, 324, that is, 50.2%, had post-infection symptoms, indicating that the World Health Organization (WHO) has shared the disease for as long as possible. cas.

In all, the study counted 23 symptoms after the end of the disease. Weakness was the main complaint of the patients, reported by 115 patients (35.6%). This condition is characterized by fatigue and difficulty working daily. In addition, persistent cough (110; 34.0%), difficulty breathing (86; 26.5%), odorless or tasteless (65; 20.1%) and headache (56; 17.3%).

Psychiatry also entered the study, with patients complaining of insomnia (26; 8%), anxiety (23; 7.1%) and dizziness (18; 5.6%). Among the reports were more severe cases, such as thrombosis, diagnosed in 20 patients, that is, 6.2% of the patients.

According to researcher Rafaella Fortini, who conducted the study, all symptoms show up after a severe illness and many of them persist for a period of 14 months, with some exceptions. , such as thrombosis, which, in turn, heals patients in time. at the time. of five months.

“We have people who are still being monitored, because the symptoms persist for more than 14 months. We have also found that there are seven communicable diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, “Cancer, cancer, kidney disease, kidney disease, and smoking or drinking make the disease worse and increase the risk of sequelae,” the expert explained.

The results of the study also showed that post-exposure symptoms occur in three types of disease: severe, moderate and mild. In the severe form, out of a total of 260 patients, 86, that is, 33.1%, had chronic symptoms. Of the 57 patients diagnosed with moderate disease, 43, that is, 75.4%, had symptoms and, of the 329 patients with soft tissue, 198 (59.3%) had symptoms. several months after the end of the disease.

“These results indicate the importance of understanding sequelae well, since they occur even in people who, during the acute course of the disease, are asymptomatic”, the researchers research about.


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