Ferrari: Win in Montreal to get rid of worries and nightmares – Pino Allievi

We know how it goes in Baku, we have seen it. When in the first round I saw Verstappen attack Leclerc to steal his second place, I was skeptical. Is it possible that Red Bull, accelerated by the fact that it has DRS, could not beat Ferrari straight? Where does F1-75 get all that power? He has del Miracle What this track presents because Leclerc is difficult but Verstappen is someone else who does not give up and has The brakes die. But he could not put himself in position to launch an attack to the point that after 5 or 6 unsuccessful attempts he gave up.

Then, after dozens of steps, we saw a big one. Smoking That came from Ferrari and the dream was gone. But what if it was clear that the surplus of horses had betrayed Leclerc? We will never know the truth, because in F1 there is always someone who speculates that speed may be the result of aerial solutions, but in certain cases Mattia Binotto’s explanation is clever. Rising performance pays for itself in credibility, and this is a true picture of what is happening in Azerbaijan.

The failure of the Ferrari power unit is due to the progress that Scuderia di Maranello has made regarding the engine and the progress it is trying to drive further. This way, it’s better than having a car that takes one second per revolution like the SF21 last year. Modern Ferrari scares everyone in terms of absolute performance, Healthy carIt sticks to the ground and is very attractive when out of the corner, it uses the tires well. It now has a weak point in its power unit.

The scene of the World Championships changed Verstappen saw Ferrari score 30 points in three races and Perez was even second ahead of Leclerc. The opposite is true for the best Ferrari in the last 15 years, but the F1 offers nothing. He was reassured that the Scuderia di Maranello was on the right track, but now the tuning for the engine could take a long time, when instead on Sunday they would race in Montreal and then two weeks later. Hold Silverstone, a two-lane engine. The best way to protect yourself is to have it in your hand, even if it hurts: Reduce performance Focus more – if possible – on the pilot. These are compromises that all teams know that Ferrari will be approved immediately.

Verstappen never seemed to be as mature, thoughtful, and strong as he is now, and he was even scarier when he removed his claws, perhaps inappropriate, and the results were disappointing. He is a Verstappen who no longer makes mistakes and does not wait. This Leclerc knew this, and in bitterness over his reasoning there was a fear of losing touch with his opponent. Coming home for three consecutive Mondays with broken morals could do nothing to help. In addition, from now on, he will run with the psychosis of another bug that is hiding. It will take victory to get rid of sadness and nightmaresMontreal is a great opportunity, it’s a trap where anything can happen, including the joke of running out of gas at the end of the race because consumption is so high.

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