Ferrari and Mercedes: Between Dynamic Glass and Regulation – Formula 1

At Mercedes, development of the W13 continued through minor updates following the introduction of an additional development package in Spain. Especially in Baku New rearview mirror first appeared on Silver Arrows, Modification with specific aerodynamic functions. All of this happened over the weekend, when even Ferrari made changes to the backing of its mirrors for dynamic purposes, raising questions about the interpretation of FIA regulations and locations.

From the side view, it can be appreciated that both Mercedes now have a downward extension of the outer glass holder. It is so underlined Annex that is fully exposed to external flows Without any structural function, though, it continues to be pointed out by the Brackley team as the primary purpose. At the same time, Ferrari has come to the fore with a new geometry of the interior of the rearview mirror, characterized by a more square shape to better control the flow from side to rear.

Ferrari and Mercedes are just the latest example of a trend that spread across the first fleet, where the design of the support for the rearview mirror, remembering the pilot influence as a primary function. Although this has been a widespread practice for many years, in Formula 1 recently some teams no longer try to hide what is broken. Announced in some cases the dynamic purpose, even in the official document of “show and tell” Together with the federation.

All of this is in conflict with the prohibitions still in the technical regulations that al Point 3.2.2 Read: “Pilot influence of any component that is not considered part of physical work [classificazione in cui rientrano gli specchietti, n.d.r] It must be random to the primary function. “Any design aimed at maximizing the space effect is prohibited.” Thus, an ambiguous control by the FIA ​​occurs in the face of updates, which are often openly related to dynamics. It arises spontaneously to ask whether the federal strictness of the group is inappropriate or whether it is not the case to normalize this practice at the regulatory level, taking into account the full spread of It follows the grid.

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