Felipão proves three-point defense at Athletico and says he was not good in his final game against Fluminense | kis las-pr

Instructor Felipe said Athletico shots were not good to avoid a 2-1 defeat Fluminense, on Saturday night, at the Raulino de Oliveira, for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship. The manager also agreed to line up with three midfielders on the bench.

The storm entered the field with Hugo Moura, Erick and Matheus Fernandes in the middle. Attacking midfielder David Terans, with a hamstring injury, survived. At half-time, Felipão took Erick out for Marlos, but he did not intervene.

Fluminense is versatile and works well. The idea is to expand the sectors, especially in the middle, and create greater stress. We were shattered because we were lost and we had to put in a tighter man, with less fighting, to get to the enemy’s goal.

– Felipão, in the press conference

Athletico suffered with Tricolor high marks at the start and, after two shots, Cano did not waste it. In a stolen ball in the middle, Wellington started the striker, who cut Pedro Henrique and hit the cross to open the scoring.

Luiz Henrique almost wide with a shot close to the pole. Since the age of 20, the Red-Black team has managed to balance and finish with kicks from Erick and Khellven, both off. The best opportunity is with Pablo. He slips one in the small area and then into the other and hits Fabio with weak arms.

In the second half, Flu performed better on the field and expanded further with Cano. After two heads in the area, the center-forward fixes his chest, captures it at first and strikes Bento angle. Finally, after the left corner, Matheus Felipe lowered.

We have the opportunity that we want to have, we just do not define it well.

– Felipe

This is the third loss at home in our game.. The Red-Black team was in 14th place, with a point, but could cross over the Goiás, who got Santos on Sunday.

Felipão, in Fluminense x Athletico match – Photo: José Tramontin / Athletico

Atletico return to attack released in one game it is important to continue the process in Libertadores with two races to the group stage. The Paraguayan team is the leader of Group B, with seven points, while the Brazilian team is light, with four – Caracas and the Force with five points.

In Brazilian, the Drilling accept the Hawaii Sunday, at 7 pm, at the Arena da Baixada, for the seventh round. The red-black team is in 14th place, with a point.

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