Federal Government launches series of actions to combat violence against children and adolescents – Portugal (Brazil)

To mark the National Day to Combat Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, the federal government began a ceremony on Wednesday (18.05) in Brasília, a series of activities that included activities Of the May Orange Campaign. Among those initiatives is the 109th National Plan for Combating Violence against Children and Adolescents (PLANEVCA). Millions of rupees.

During an event at the Ministry of Citizenship, National Secretary for Early Childhood Care Luciana Siqueira stressed that the ministry works to promote development in both the first years of life and to prevent possible abuse of children.

“We know it’s useless to encourage children around them to pay attention if at the same time we do not protect them. The Ministry of Citizens has been in regular discussions with other ministries to provide social care and protection measures for our children. So we all oppose violence and work together for young children, ”said the secretary.

The Ministry of Citizens has provided nearly 5,000 professionals working on children’s programs with training in a variety of activities. Other violence. “We understand that Criança Feliz’s visitor is like an agent who can strengthen the child protection network in childhood,” Luciana Siqueira told Luciana Siqueira.

One of the main federal government activities on the subject PLANEVCA is promoted by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights and in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship, Education, Health, Justice and Public Security, and Tourism and Civil Society. Through public consultation.

“On a symbolic day like May 18, the federal government can not fail to invest more in protecting those who should be a priority in our country. Last year, Dial 100 (Dial Human Rights) received more than 18,600 reports. “We must continue to join forces to change this scenario,” said Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights Cristiane Britto.

Divided into five strategies: sexual abuse; Sexual exploitation; Physical violence; Psychological violence; And violence within institutions. The plan focuses on objectives, actions, and approaches to guide society, taking into account multidisciplinary, regional and cross-sectoral aspects.


During the ceremony, a public consultation on the draft law establishing the Child and Adolescent Life Protection Program (PPVCA) was also announced. Also. There is also the signing of the National Covenant on the Implementation of the Protected Hearing Act, which establishes a system to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents, victims or witnesses of violence (Law No. 13.431/2017).

Minister of Justice and Public Security Anderson Torres reaffirmed the ministry’s commitment to protecting children and adolescents. “With children you can not go wrong, you can not vacillate for a minute. We need to strengthen our focus. The state has been collecting mistakes and our government is working tirelessly to end it by improving the professional police stations and “Strengthen the qualifications of professionals so that they are better prepared to help victims.”

Communication Consultant – Ministry of Citizens

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