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Changes in sleep, excessive fatigue (including mental exhaustion), physical pain, depression, weight changes without a specific diet and dissatisfaction for activities that were used for entertainment. These are symptoms that usually appear at the onset of depression, but can go unnoticed until the disease causes more serious damage.

Recently, research has shown that the number Diagnosis of depression has increased by 40% in Brazil in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the period before the transmission.

Neuropsychiatrist Marco Antonio Abud, founder of Saúde da Mente channel, on YouTube, explaining that sadness, lack of appetite and the fact that a person does not get out of bed, for example, are the symptoms most often associated with depression, but that ” When this situation comes up, that does not mean there is a way, but it will be possible to identify in advance. “

do not like

Experts have pointed out that the “root cause” of depression is “loss of the ability to feel good”.

“Beginners are rarely involved in the relationships and activities they enjoy doing. They can work, but do not do everything they enjoy afterwards, go out with friends, go on Happy times, playing football … He pulls himself to work, comes home and sleeps. “

When a person is having trouble making certain relationships, he or she may still find it “airy” or forget what the interlocutor said.

He draws attention to the fact that many people wait for revival to do something, when it should be the other way around.

“When we get connected to good things, with things that are rewarding, happy, with a purpose, that is the way to release dopamine in some special way. [do cérebro] and will create revival. When we move away from good things, we become stronger and less powerful. It turns into a vicious circle. “

sleepy and tired

Sleeping for a few hours or more can also be a sign that something is not right. Often, people with depression can experience physical and mental fatigue, even after prolonged sleep.

Abud recommends screening for or eliminating other diseases or malnutrition that can lead to similar symptoms – lack of vitamin D, anemia and hypothyroidism, for example.

Maintaining a good night’s sleep is also important to prevent depression, according to a neuropsychiatrist.

Weight change

Another symptom that needs to be monitored, especially by people who are part of a person’s vicinity, is variations in weight in a period of three to four seconds. months.

“[Alterações] the ups and downs, unless you are eating a special diet, ”says Abud.

Adults who are depressed, for example, may have loss of appetite and experience weight loss.

Physical pain

Many diseases can cause pain, so it is necessary to seek out specialists to diagnose other diseases, especially rheumatological and musculoskeletal disorders.

Marco Antonio Abud makes it clear that it is not about psychosomatic illness and that this is a misconception and modern.

“Depression is more sensitive to pain. We react with less stimulus. This is not a mental illness, it is a diagnosis. The more painful the area, the more people feel acne joints, headaches … passion for more than a month, two months, it is important to think about it [suspeita de depressão]. “


According to the therapist, “It is almost impossible to experience stress without change, more or less, in the mind and functioning of the brain”.

A person with depression begins to have problems or mistakes that they have not made in the past at work, for example.

In addition to problems with consciousness, it is a cause of dementia, a feeling of “stupidity”, difficulty in making decisions and speaking more slowly than usual, in addition to the neuropsychiatrist.

stress rumminations

Depression and depression are explained by the psychological patterns of people who suffer from depression called depressive ruminations.

“[São] Negative thoughts that focus on yourself and not on others, the world, the future. The person is stuck in a pattern of rummination, finding out why something is happening and looking at the past ”, for example the doctor.

Again, the person is trying to understand the reasons for some of the stress and personal problems, for example, not using formula that would be better: find a solution to it and how to do it.

Abud says “why” makes you sad.

From there, if this skepticism is not prevented, the skepticism will be for the sufferer to reach our decision: the guilt of guilt, worthlessness ( “I have no value as a person”) and hope (“There is no way out.”) ..

“This feeling works very hard, even people who are not depressed, if they fall into that feeling, they will not be able to focus on anything else. This is very tiring. , eats too much. of mental energy, does things that give the environment a boost. “

And then the vicious cycle is created by breaking → rummination → loss of energy → not doing something important / satisfying.

How to break this pattern?

We all have negative feelings, but the depressed person begins to believe them more, warns the doctor.

“Our mind creates thoughts all the time, and some do not make sense, it’s like a bug in the body”, he exemplifies, that it is important “to recognize and start doubt these ideas, because they are not true. “

It is through psychotherapy that the depressed patient will learn to change ruminant thoughts.

diagnosis and treatment

The test taker – you can see him on the internet – will tell if he is depressed. It is called PHQ-9. However, it does not change the diagnosis by a doctor or psychiatrist.

Abud’s recommendation is for the client to seek out and seek professional help. He points out that many treatments can be completed without the use of anti-anxiety medications.

“In any case [a depressão] If the pain is small, moderate or low, you can choose – always under the guidance of a specialist – make a non-pharmacological treatment, in which the person does not need to be vaccinated. mob. Antidepressants become increasingly necessary in situations where the damage is severe and the person is paralyzed. “

Drugs work to treat neuroplasticity, which is the ability to create new connections between neurons (synapses) in areas of the brain responsible for fun, emotional and social, faster, so that the patient can take the next steps in treatment. .

Stress-specific cognitive-behavioral therapies work as a form of “physical formation” of the brain. It is a widely used and accomplished medical device.

Other peers in health care are exercising and eating regularly.

“Physical function plays a key role: it produces endorphins, like the body’s own morphine, a substance that relieves pain and pleasure. It starts with minimal distress. It triggers the release of serotonin in some areas, but .It may take a few weeks for the result, the key is to get some exercise that the person can managed. said the doctor.

In the diet, it is necessary to avoid foods that support the inflammatory process in the body and increase the intake of proven antidepressant drugs.

“The biggest enemy of stress in the content of food is refined sugar. […] The brain needs sugar all the time. If you are in a seesaw during the day, the person may experience depression and drowsiness. Protein holds this. White flour makes this unhealthy. […] This view of fun causes a number of physical ailments. “

Foods rich in omega-3 (fattyfish, oats and chia seeds, for example) and probiotics, such as yogurt, have been recommended by doctors.


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