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The transition to a single, ground-impact seat with two long Venturi tunnels glued to the ground is already making their mark in the evolution of the driver’s driving style. Brake distances are not much different, but how the brakes change has changed, says Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

F1, Ferrari: Technical analysis of a single seat by Leclerc and Sainz: burning belly, anteater nose, details copied by Aston Martin
Ferrari, Friday 15km in Maranello

However, this is not a major technical issue today, as in the Montmel test, the team is struggling with a major problem created by soil effects. A phenomenon that the British call Porpoising, Disruptive Recovery The result of spatial instability is remarkable. To increase the drop force, the team is trying to run as close to the asphalt road as possible, with the risk of bringing the flow under the vehicle to the intersection.

The amount of impact depends on the design of the car in the macro section of the front and lower wings and on the behavior, as well as the sensitivity to the car’s pitch and rotation. I think most teams underestimate the problem. “Now we are all in the learning phase,” said Ferrari Director Mattina Binotto. That one problem. George RussellThe Mercedes driver and director of the Grand Prix Driver Association has already assessed that there is no pleasure in the car and safety questions (here instead of Russell’s good judgment on Ferrari rivals after the test day Two).

According to Binotto, the theoretical solution is simple if you are trying to optimize the performance of the car, but it can be less easy exercise than you think if you do not want to seek too conservative compromise. The main way to solve the problem is to increase the height of the car from the ground by attaching it with a tight installation that avoids the very low descent of the car to avoid the activation of certain phenomena. However, this will have to do with corner processing and tire management. On the other hand, it is more difficult to deal with while maintaining a very high efficiency.

A difficult and weak balance for some teams that will be sought not only during the six days of pre-season testing. But according to Frederic VasseurCaptain Alfa Romeo, even in the first race. I am sure that after three or four Grands Prix we will no longer talk about this porpoising, although this is the topic of the moment, the French engineer confirmed. Certainly the teams aim to solve it as soon as possible since, as Matti Binotto said, whoever gets there first will be able to rely on a lot of technical benefits first.

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