Explore the benefits of coffee for the heart

Research presented at the American College of Cardiology annual event reveals some of the benefits of coffee to the body. Data shows that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily can reduce your risk of heart disease. That is, drinking coffee can have beneficial effects on the liver.

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The health benefits of coffee

Some previous studies have already shown the benefits of coffee for the heart. However, the sample size was small and did not provide appropriate and reliable data. However, with each passing day, new evidence appears to reinforce the study of the benefits of coffee.

The research was based on data from the UK Biobank, a major health research study developed in the UK. In total, 382,535 people participated in the research based on the data already documented. All of them were between the ages of 57, and 52% were female.

Data shows that people who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day get some benefits. Behavior has been associated with a lower risk of developing arrhythmia, heart failure and death.

Coffee benefits can reduce deaths

Other studies have shown some association between drinking coffee and fewer deaths. Thus, one of the benefits of coffee is improving and extending the life expectancy of those who drink it.

Warning: people should not drink coffee

Although beneficial for coffee, the fact is that there are people who should not abuse caffeine. This group knows and does a lot of research on the concepts.

– Patients with glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious disease that affects vision and can lead to blindness. One way to make the problem bigger is to keep the pressure on the eyes. Caffeine carries a high risk of side effects.

– Intestinal patients can not drink coffee

Irritable bowel syndrome can cause diarrhea. The problem is that coffee can cause serious problems and lead to poor health.

– Having gastritis and reflux is a warning

If you suffer from gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux, you should not drink coffee. Caffeine causes both of these conditions.

– Pregnant and lactating women

Women who are expecting a baby or breastfeeding should avoid caffeine. Be sure to consult your doctor before changing your diet.

– Heart problems

Caffeine should not be taken by people with heart problems.

Get a head start

If you follow a diet that prohibits the consumption of meat and animal products, you need to be extra careful than usual. Caffeine directly affects the absorption of nutrients from vegetables.

One suggestion is to drink coffee shortly after lunch or dinner, for example. Thus, the body has time to capture essential nutrients before the coffee is consumed.

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