Explore creative classes online for you to grow in your career

Invest in work is important to become a professional. Harvard, SEBRAE and other digital learning platforms are available classes kind.

Explore creative classes online for you to grow in your career
Explore creative online courses to grow your career (Image: FDR)

Distance learning has experienced great growth since the arrival of transmission in 2020 and this change is here.

According to research Global Marketing InsightsThe e-learning program is expected to double its size by 2027, earning an investment of nearly US $ 500 billion worldwide.

“Everyone learns in a different way, and when they learn, they share a better version of themselves. The techniques should be extremely personal, improving the results and the ability to truly transform the person with whom the application is associated “,” he said. introduces the CEO of DNA Digital Content, specializing in education, Eduardo Mitelman.

Check out below a list of courses and ideas online to support your career and expand your experience. They all provide certification.

Faber-Castell classes

One of the most famous in the world, Faber-Castell has been around for hundreds of years, always following the standards and providing solution ideas for all ages.

And he was thinking of expanding his solution that Faber-Castell developed online creativity classroom platform.

They have specialized classes for basic, intermediate and advanced.

In 2020, DNA Conteúdo Digital partnered with Faber-Castell to bring the news to the field.

“The idea is to bring our expertise in improving learning to focus on learning (learning + fun) to improve content. The result is a connection between the public and different types of businesses through mindfulness training with renowned artists in the field of business and college, ”explains Eduardo Mitelman, CEO of DNA.

The platform has more than 25 classesBoth performances and techniques with Watercolor, Manga, Realism, etc., as well as training sessions such as Creativity, UX and Creativity. know more.

Course Innovation – SEBRAE

SEBRAE offers the New Education Program for free micro-industry and personal experts. The course focuses on practices that lead to success in the competitive market.

In the classroom, the student will understand the importance of creating an environment of innovation with the participation of the whole team.

You will also learn about new types of innovations and how they work to improve your company’s performance. know more.

Creating Thoughts – Harvard University

Creating Thoughts arises as a new and energetic way. It is used in the public, private and non-profit sector to solve consumer problems, provide specialized knowledge to consumers, but how does this new approach work?

This course is from the renowned Harvard University provide professionals with the tools to apply mindfulness strategies, teach them how to identify customer needs and improve experience through user research, travel and rapid design. know more.

Creative Writing Workshop for Communication Professionals – ESPM

ready for communication professionals who works with writing, aspiring writing, lovers of writing, wants to play with words.

Creative Writing Workshop for Communication Professionals at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM offers a selection of online classes and face-to-face meetings. know more.

Metaverse: How it works and when – Udemy

Metaverse is a concept of time and reality (virtual) that it can not escape, especially for those working in a digital environment. But after all, what is metaverse, WEB 3.0, NFTs and anything else about?

In the Metaverse class: how it works and when, available Udemy platformIt can study topics such as guidance and interpretation of Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Omniverse, Multiverse, and more. know more.

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