Experts present the 5 best NFT markets on Ethereum

Ethereum is also the most popular blockchain on the market for broadcast dApps, DeFi, blockchain games and NFTs.

Despite its high cost, Ethereum is one of the most experimental blockchains today and this is especially important for developers as issues like the recent effects of Solana affect for every project created in that network.

However, when it comes to NFT, many users are “lost” about which platform to use, as more and more solutions have recently been announced for this market.

So, CriptoFácil talked to expert Paulo Brabus, from VR Soldier, who introduced the five largest stores to NFTs on Ethereum.

5 Best NFT Marketplaces from Ethereum

The expert opened the list with Radio Caca Open OpenPFP, which in the last 30 days has moved to US $ 40 million. Launched March 28, 2022, OpenPFP features scripts like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Terraforms.

“OpenPFP has got off to a great start, taking it into the top five Ethereum-based NFT industries by the packaging industry, discussing the long-term potential of this industry,” he said.

In second place, he mentioned X2Y2, which in the last 30 days has moved to $ 183 million.

“Selected in January 2022, X2Y2’s vision is to create a true NFT market share and bring it back to the community. X2Y2 is looking to create better alternatives to OpenSea, difficult for his freedom. “

Meanwhile, in our area, he mentioned LooksRare which was launched in January 2022. The store presents its native LOOKS token, which can increase the APY value by up to 101%.

In addition, marketing allows users to receive a portion of daily business value with WETH in the LOOKS form, encouraging users to engage in business transactions.

“Business rates are 20% lower than OpenSea, and the additional rewards that users can get by trading with LooksRare make it more profitable for the popular Ethereum business,” he points out. .

OpenSea and GEM

In four locations it is called Gem, now the second most traded trading company on Ethereum, with a 30-day trading volume of more than $ 581 million.

The gem is an NFT aggregator, including some of the most popular NFT aggregators such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2 and bundles titles from multiple retailers at once.

“Assume you are an NFT author who buys several NFTs at once. In this case, we recommend using the gem. That is because you can save a lot of cost and time by researching the collection. at many stores, ”he said.

Finally, topping the list is OpenSea which is by far the largest NFT industry in the crypto ecosystem. OpenSea is a pioneer in the NFT industry and is the first to go to the core, setting the stage for others to follow on the Ethereum blockchain and other smart-get-chain solutions.

OpenSea remains the most active NFT platform for cryptocurrencies, with the most popular domains such as BAYC, MAYC and Otherdeed for Otherside listed for the first time on their platform.

“There are hundreds of NFTs for sale every hour, and if you are looking to get in the door with NFTs, the first place you should visit is OpenSea. In addition, OpenSea joins the Polygon, reducing fuel prices for consumers. “

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