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Evil Dead – The Game and The War on Me: The Final Cut is the highlight of this week’s release. The first is an online multiplayer game based on the classic horror movie franchise, while the second is a survival game that fights one side of the war rarely seen in the game. Both have been featured in the movie Salt and Sacrifice, the new RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, the reunion game We Are Here Forever and more. Check out information about the weekly release, such as the date, price and platforms they are available on, below.

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Evil Dead: The Game features a game in which a player plays the role of a demon – Image: Announcement / Epic Games Store

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Evil Dead: The Game – May 13 – PS5, XBSX / S, PS4, XB, SW and PC

Evil Dead – The game brings back Ash Williams in a collaborative or competitive game based on player taste – Image: Repeat / Epic Games Store

By the developers of World War Z, Death – The Game is a very scary game based on the movie from the “Breakthrough Night” franchise with collaboration and competition. . In a collective, user-controlled Ash Williams, mentioned by animated filmmaker Bruce Campbell, and his friends as they fight the forces of evil and find counterfeit material force to remove them.

In competition, the inconsistency is asymmetrical. One of the participants will take on the role of a Candarian demon and battle other players, with powers such as having users and summoning enemies. Evil Dead – The Game is available on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) for R $ 199.50, on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X and Xbox One for R $ 147.45 and on PC (from the Epic Games Store) for BRL 75.99.

The anti-war game-themed survival game War of Mine gets, this week, its upgrade to a new generation. The game arrives with new 4K graphics and additional themes from This War of Mine: Detailed stories, including new missions, events, classic additions and characters. new mold. In the game, users control a group of civilians trying to survive in the middle of a war zone.

During the day, you have to take care of your garden, cooking and handicrafts, at night it is just time to go out and seek more help. Each tournament has its own world of design and characters, and decisions are harder than the length of the party alive. War of Mine: Ultimate Cut is available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for R $ 74.95, simultaneously released on Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost.

The War of Mine: Ultimate Cut brings the game alive to the battlefield with new graphics for the new generation and more details – Image: Playback / Xbox Game Store

Salt and Sacrifice – May 10 – PS5, PS4 and PC

The sequel to Salt and Sanctuary retains the battlefield 2D inspiration from games like Dark Souls, but with more multiplayer. Players will control Marked Inquisitor, a member of a group of cursed people who work for the kingdom of Altarstone, and must kill the Mages, animals that threaten to take over the series returns to Earth. Each enemy can have their own muscles and bones used to create more powerful weapons, while Inquisitors can call on friends to assist them in their local or online co-op multiplayer. Salt And Sacrifice is available for PC at the Epic Games Store for R $ 37.99.

Salt and Sacrifice follows its tradition of deep and challenging 2D combat by Dark Souls, just like its predecessors at Salt and Sanctuary.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – May 10 – PS5, XBSX / S, PS4, XB, SW and PC

Written and developed by Yoshitaka Murayama, one of the creators of the Suikoden series, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a prequel to the next story RPG, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundreds of Heroes, set for 2023 after the tournament team. In this first game, players follow the pre-war stories of our heroes: CJ, Garoo and Isha, who wreak havoc after an earthquake.

They will encounter various kinds of demons in battle and will use the resources they find to build the city of New Nevah. The game is available on the Nintendo Switch for R $ 59.99, for PC on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG digital stores, plus an Xbox Game Pass at no extra charge.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a prequel RPG for the next game by one of the creators of the Suikoden series – Photo: Publish / Steam

We Are Here Forever – May 10 – PC

We’re here on the co-op game series up to its fourth game with Us Here Forever, a chapter that promises to bring an end to the story. In the game franchise, two players enter the role of inmates in a cursed castle, with the first player and the quest to solve.

Users have to work together to solve puzzles, but their communication system is just a walkie-talkie device, often unable to see the situation through their partner’s device. eyes. We Are Here Forever is available for PC at Steam and Epic Games Store digital stores, with PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One versions expected to arrive soon.

We Are Here Forever is the fourth game in the series of collaborative games and promises to end its story – Photo: Repeat / Course

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia – May 11 – PC

In this best turn-based game, players must fight for control of the land of Runersia, divided by six teams, each with their own goal. The player can choose from one of five countries or a group to control when encountering enemy forces. Each of them has more than 100 “Rune Knights”, knights capable of using magic, and demon warriors with 50 different species of dragons, angels and zombies. The new PC version of the game also includes Creative Mode unlimited games and New Game + to load your progress in new games after completing missions.

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia takes the game deep with more than 100 knights and creatures to build your army – Photo: Print / Course

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story – May 12 – PS5, PS4, SW and PC

Developed by Koichiro Ito, director of Netflix’s The Naked Director series, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is an obscure adventure game featuring scenes shot with actors really. The story is told by the novelist Haruka Kagami, who tried to solve four murders in the Shijima family in the last century.

Gameplay is powered by Haruka’s cutting-edge technology, where it develops imaginative based instructions to try to find the truth. The game warns of its approach to adult content including blood pressure, violence and drugs. The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is available for the Nintendo Switch for R $ 264.90 and for the PC on the Steam digital store for R $ 229.90.

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is an adventure and mystery game with real actors and adult themes – Image: Repeat / Room

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