“Ethereum is a better bet than Bitcoin,” says the largest bank in the US

At the start of the week that marked a return in cryptomarket, especially in the top 10, Bitcoin gained a share of the price drop in recent weeks and Ethereum followed the same strength , the fight between the two must be determined by technology. of all., at least according to JPMorgan, the largest bank in the US.

According to a report prepared by experts at JPMorgan, the Ethereum is going to be better than Bitcoin due to its advanced technology and growing involvement in the industry.

Analysis by JPMorgan experts, published in the Financial Post, indicates that the value of Ethereum is moving beyond estimates, and especially with Metaverse technology. output that can have significant integration with blockchain and Ethereum network solutions.


It is hoped that Ethereum will be the option to develop different solutions connected to the metaverse, which is a new way of building relationships, using virtual and augmented reality technologies in gaming or experience in digital areas. The metaverse has recently benefited a lot from Facebook announcement, which has said it will go into this work as part of Web 3.0.

In addition to its technology tied to its value, JPMorgan has also discussed additional uses for the ecosystem, such as lending to friends, NFTs, games, stabilitycoins, etc., and how they can help manage Ethereum price increases in the future.

Bitcoin speculation is in the opposite direction, believing that the future of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is uncertain and may lead to a downturn.

“The increase in revenue and the emergence of financial institutions have relied on the sale of Bitcoin as a form of digital currency, similar to the higher return on contracts. words have been lowered to the traditional gold. “

Better than Bitcoin

With this in mind, JPMorgan experts believe that Ethereum could be “safer” to buy than Bitcoin, but that, similarly, the exchange is still potential and could carry risks. Invest in this business.

Ethereum has been one of the most sought after by many professionals, often touted as a coin that will make many people rich, with the promise of Ethereum 2.0 further supporting the business. copy, however, we have not yet had any signs of this.

Ethereum’s recent attacks have clearly been pegged to Bitcoin, so it is important that more research be done to make sure before investing.

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