Erling Haaland and Manchester City Close to Deal

Manchester City seem to have won the race to sign striker Erling Haaland, with several reports suggesting the 21-year-old Norwegian goal-scoring machine could be the latest addition to the star- studded roster that is at the cusp of winning it. fourth Premier League title in five years.

In an exchange that has been rumored for weeks, City seem to have outbid (or outmaneuvered) potential suitors such as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich for Haaland, one of the world. most sought-after young goal-scoring talent.

The city and its competitors met last June to open talks on Haaland’s Dortmund deal – worth up to 75 million euros, or less than $ 80 million. The city is believed to have already agreed a deal with Haaland, whose new salary is thought to make it one of the highest paid players in the world.

These debts are not a problem for the City, which is bankrolled by the billionaire brother of the leader of the United Arab Emirates and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to unite a group of most capable in the world. But the numbers will most likely put Haaland out of other teams, including Barcelona, ​​who have fallen into financial turmoil that led to the loss of Lionel Messi free last summer, and Bayern Munich. , the sporting director recently said that adding Haaland “is not. ‘does not make sense” for the Germans who are one year old since the team was hired athletes in world in Robert Lewandowski.

Closing the deal for Haaland this week will allow him to say farewell to Dortmund fans at the club’s final game of the season on Saturday, at home to Hertha Berlin.

City now lead Liverpool in the Premier League by three points with three more games to play, but it has entered the knockout stages for Haaland with a final eye on winning the Champions League. The awards have been the focus of the City’s culture for more than a decade; The club finally reached the final for the first time last season, losing to its London rivals Chelsea, and then returned to the semifinals this season before being relegated from Real Madrid last week. generations ago.

A talented athlete with a dangerous mix of size, speed and intelligence, Haaland, who turned 22 in July, has been awarded a ticket to the world of martial arts since when he was young. The son of former Premier League midfielder Alfie Haaland, Erling Haaland made his debut for his childhood club, Norway’s Bryne FK, at the age of 15, and joined Molde a year later, signed by former Manchester United. United star Ole Gunner Solskjaer, who was Molde’s manager at the time.

By 2018, he was at Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, where he scored 17 goals in his season and added eight more in his first five Champions League appearances. Dortmund pulled him less than a year later, and he broke the ground running by scoring a hat-trick in the 23rd minute of his debut.

Haaland has 61 goals in 65 Bundesliga games for Dortmund, and 15 more in three Champions League games.

When the deal is finalized, he will join Manchester City for almost 22 years six months after his father did the same. Alfie Haaland signed with City in June 2000, just weeks before Erling was born, but retired in 2003 after a few season injuries in Manchester and a hamstring injury in Manchester. United’s Roy Keane.

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