Elon Musk says his Twitter account is ‘Removed.’

Elon Musk has stepped up the show around his $ 44 billion bid to buy Twitter on Friday, saying in a Dawn tweet that the deal is up for grabs. “Temporarily” until it could get more details about the volume of spam and counterfeit money on the platform, and two hours after tweeting that it had “still promised” the receipt.

The report covers the final chapter in the storytelling presentation of participants who have created questions about free online speech and the benefits of taking care of the world’s richest man. one of the most popular media coverage.

Mr. Musk, CEO of Tesla, said removing the platform from counterfeit money, bots and spam would be one of its top priorities after the acquisition. In his tweet, Mr. Musk cited a May 2 administration filing by Twitter that included estimates that less than 5 percent of Twitter users were spam and counterfeit money.

Recognizing his freedom and sometimes unbelievable business, Mr. Musk’s words have caused many to wonder about the future of the contract.

Twitter has some restrictions on signing up for an account, and the company has long struggled with spam and bots. But it has been difficult to give a clear picture of the scale of the problem. Under the May 2 administration, Twitter said it estimated that less than 5 percent of its users were fake or spammy, a picture it had previously posted. . Twitter warned that it had used “critical judgment” in the count and that its “estimates of fraudulent accounts or spam would not be considered as real numbers” were similar. as information passed by the company.

Mr. Musk’s comments were seen as an attempt to reduce the cost of the acquisition or the error eventually reversed the total.

“A lot of people will see this as Musk uses the Twitter / spam account registration as a way to get out of this commitment in a big change,” said Daniel Ives, an analyst. with Wedbush, said the letter to investors.

Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Musk’s outcry over Twitter has sparked a lot of controversy over the role of media outlets to police what has been said by its users. Twitter has spent years trying to combat hate speech, bullying and other forms of online bullying, but Mr. Musk, which has a history of using the platform to harass and insult critics, has vowed to reduce the company’s content policies. On Tuesday, he said he would lift restrictions on former President Donald J. Trump.

Backing out of a consensus can be frustrating. The contract will include $ 1 billion in costs that Mr. Musk will have to pay if he cuts the deal, although he is not sure how these terms would apply if Mr. Musk can prove Twitter users’s numbers are incorrect. If Mr. Musk’s bad credit ills, Twitter could also take the rich man to court to force him to pay for the deal.

Mr. Musk has pledged to use its own fortunes to fund a deal for Twitter, a plan that has been hit by a slump in current prices, including Tesla. Tesla stock has fallen nearly 30 percent in the past month. Mr. Musk is both selling Tesla shares and offering them as personal loans to raise cash.

If the deal were to be finalized, a competitive bid on Twitter could force Mr. Musk to draw on more of his powerhouse products to capitalize on the investment. And an issue at Tesla that caused its products to fall short enough could lead to an impact on Mr. Musk owns a mortgage that would require him to add more business products, limiting his ability to invest in Twitter.

Tesla stock rose on Friday after Mr. Musk words.

Mr. Musk’s bid has created confusion on Twitter, a company already striving to increase users and make more money. On Thursday, Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal, fired two senior executives, banned new hires and vowed to cut spending.

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