Elon Musk does not like Web 3.0

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has revealed that he does not like the name Web 3.0. Now in the market for some time, the billionaire has been making pro-Bitcoin, Ethereum and especially Dogecoin speech, a currency he spends most of his time in public speaking. words and which he believes is a good meme.

This makes it feel like Musk communicates publicly with memes, using his Twitter as a way to share his thoughts with occasion. In recent data, he meme that Bitcoin will hit $ 69,000 of the market to the point that it has become NFT and sold to millions of markets.

Elon Musk reveals he doesn’t like Web 3.0

According to KnowYourMeme, which describes the history and use of online memes, the so-called “Etiqueta do urinal” originated in Brazil, published in 2010 by the entertainment blog Capinaremos. This picture shows a man toilet with a few toilets and only one man urinating.

Suddenly, another person appeared in place and walked across the room, to urinate in the toilet parallel to the one that was already there. With the use of the internet, this meme has become essential to teach people who are bored and say certain things, especially when they want to seduce someone about a particular topic.

So, Elon Musk published a meme, suggesting that he might be the man who was pissing, when people interrupted him saying that since he was already in the cryptocurrency business, he could then talk about Web3.0 projects and DAOs, new fads. which has happened in the market in recent months.

Although this is a simple meme, Elon Musk shows that he is tired of asking to participate in web3.0 projects, with people harping on content with it many times.

Now in the cryptocurrency industry, the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX have been involved in events and given his insights on past business ventures. However, he has been accused of controlling the cryptocurrency market, some of which he denies are true.

Musk warns of business “full of innovation”?

Anyway, the billionaire has ended up showing his followers the other important aspects of the cryptocurrency market, which are the result of new operations every day, all of which present themselves better and more important new innovations. .

So, using the old meme, Musk would have warned people not to trust the news because they had heard about the project, ignoring protesters who would not have the attitude to talk to investors can.

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