Elon Musk criticizes WEB 3.0 again

The developer of the Signal app loves the colors of Elon Musk, which agrees with its critique of WEB 3.0, a term that has become popular in recent months in the cryptocurrency industry.

Leaving the position of CEO of Signal, Matthew Rosenfeld, known on Twitter as Moxie Marlinspike, provides an analysis of the famous decentralized internet that is talked about a lot.

As an expert in cryptography, Moxie has experimented with some of the NFT solutions, the OpenSea platform, and has come up with some concerns for this market.

Signal The creator of the critique of the Web 3.0 market has attracted the attention of the rich

On January 7th, the creators of Signal published the script with its concept of Web 3.0. While writing the technology, he recalled the origins of the Internet, with the names Web1 and Web2, which were the target of criticism by Web3 defenders.

Thus, he said, he understands the concept used by this Web3 community as a research tool to determine what Web2 stands for.

“web3 is a slightly ambiguous term, which makes it difficult to quantify exactly what the purpose for web3 should be, but the general research seems to suggest that web1 has had an impact. Conversely, web2 has mediated everything across platforms, and web3 will decentralize everything over..

With that in mind, it has tested applications from Web3 names, such as OpenSea, for example, and even registered NFT on that platform. However, his NFT was finally banned and he found that the picture disappeared even from their wallet of their device. In other words, Web3 seems not to be a distribution.

In short, he believes that Web3 has less understanding than it needs, that is, it is insecure. In addition, software development in this environment is not easy for ordinary users to deal with, which leads to significant operational difficulties and difficulties for the deployment of platforms. which is guaranteed to be the “future” of the cryptocurrency industry.

Seeing all the Moxie criticism of Web 3.0, Elon Musk said last Tuesday (11) that his writings were carefully written and worth mentioning.

The Brazilian channel Safesrc, presented by Peter Turguniev, also mentioned the scrutiny of the founder of Signal, even referring to the status of “NFTs that destroy all NFTs”.

Elon Musk previously criticized Web 3.0

It was not long ago that Elon Musk criticized Web 3.0 as a buzz word. In December 2021, it was made clear that trade affected him, including the DAOs, which were self-governing bodies.

For this, the richest man in the world uses a meme, meaning that many people have talked to him about the content, which in his opinion is misconduct.

Sharing now in 2022 the vision of the founder of Signal on the topic, it makes it clear that it does not believe in the Web 3.0 sector, which is called the new Internet through integration.

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