Eleven reasons (11) you watch ‘Amar a Muerte’ on Globoplay

Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown, the protagonists of ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

After several months since the first call on open TV, Globoplay finally appeared on April 4 in its catalog of Broadcasting Mexican telenovela ‘Amar a Muerte’ (Death of Love) – Considered a great success both in Mexico and in the United States. Is covered. In most television productions in Latin America.

Advertising poster for the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credits: Atresmedia / TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Editing the novel ‘En Cuerpo Ajeno’ by author Julio Jimenez Televisa’s partnership with Lemón Studios and W Studios is optimistic about rebuilding the original 1992 work, which is now under a completely different perspective. 2018 where the melody combines with emotion. And the action to create a brand new narrative differs from the most tragic and unknown appearance of the Brazilian public.

If you are researching love and have come across this article, it means that ‘Amar a Muerte’ is interested in you and has won you over for some reason. Or still cast doubt. To help you through this process, we have listed 11 (eleven) reasons for you to follow ‘Amar a Morte’ on Globoplay. Please enjoy and also read:

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Angelique Boyer in a scene from the drama “Amar a Morte”. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Every good Mexican puppet show that glorifies its history must have the sweetest, most lovable, and purest character. Now you read this and forget about everything. Lucía Borges escapes control. Starring Angelique Boyer in the role of her career, this character is contrary to the ‘standard’ set for young romantic women in Mexican opera. Contains a wide range of emotional and sexually explicit episodes during the 88 chapters of ‘Amar a Muerte’ Lucía playing with viewers in a variety of ways, from love to hate and everything. Mixed with love outside of marriage. Trigger that takes it to another level: that girl against the heroine.

Michel Brown in promotional photo of the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Although not an original work, ‘Amar a Morte’ is considered a free adaptation by Leonardo Padrón based on the creation of Julio Jimenez, i.e. the apex is preserved and new links are around. It was created to create an original version. Modern. What makes a difference from the previous story, either the plot or even the content that the production wants to achieve.

Scenes from the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Outline: Creating a Television novel is not an easy task, because in addition to directing an open conversation with the audience about the male protagonist, the male protagonist who is next to each other and their supporters, every good puppet with N capital is also wrong. Each other too. Genetics, touch, which has the function of keeping the viewer. During the many years of telenovelas in Latin America, many subjects were approaching revival, even too many, which ended up creating a certain mask of “products” with the final audience. It is in this sense that the species must reproduce itself. ‘Amar a Muerte’ is the result of this speech. Developed during Televisa’s transition of control, the work is a reinterpretation of Colombian classics from the 90s, but with a series and character setting of the opera.

Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown in a scene from the drama “Amar a Muerte”. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Uma pareja caliente: In Latin telenovelas, the protagonist couple maintains a large part of the plot for themselves, they feed the plot, create sub-themes for the center that are directly connected to them, among other factors. . This is not a rule, but it usually happens. By the way, the unexpected public noticed when it ran away from the little things, and now “the circus is armed.” In this sense, to get around this situation, those involved in the production of ‘Amar a Morte’ had to devise a way to keep viewers in another way, either by creating an outline that encourages interest in speaking to feuilleton. Or even completely avoid realism, however, with the feet in antiquity. In ‘Amar a Muerte’ there are a lot of protagonist lovers, they are not too ancient or contemporary. The bias of sadness is maintained in terms of emotion, attractiveness and flexibility – while nupérrimo modus operandi can be noticed with the introduction of new technologies, action plans, loneliness and escape stories. From simplicity, such as the transformation of the soul. And in order for things to work out, the clan has to be very assertive. What it really is. Michel Brown and Angelique Boyer carefully write about the looks and characteristics of suspicious characters, interrogators, and highly vulnerable characters. There are several layers of story that require the most explicit rights from both situations, completely consistent with what is seen on the screen as a result: a perfect fit between the script outline and the direction. Good delivery, great performance.

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Juliana and Valentina are a couple in ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

All forms of love on open TV: ‘Amar a Muerte’ without a shadow of a doubt is a representative place on Mexican television due to the worldwide success of the couple Juliana Valdés and Valentina Carvajal starring Bárbara López and Macarena Achaga are two well-known actors in Latin productions. Emotions that manifest in nature with arrival and departure, love, unhappiness, quarrels – in addition to showing all the family discrimination regarding love between two women, inappropriate appearance. As well as hugging and accepting both as an important part of a love match, as well as from friends around them. All clear and open.

Scenes from the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Photography: One of the highlights of the telenovela was the photography led by the filmmakers Horbado Chicangana and Gerónimo Denti Generali, who were responsible for signing the telenovelas ‘Café con Aroma de Mujer’ and ‘100 Días Para Enamorarnos’. Both are available on Netflix) can be noticed throughout the whole novel from the beautiful photography, which is delayed in the shooting scheme from soft to dark, gives a contrast of emotions and makes the audience Emotions through the mirror.

Michel Brown in promotional photo of the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Directions: Another highlight is the powerful direction set by the directional connections of Carlos Cock Marin, Joe Rendón, Alejandro Lozano and Rolando Ocampo, the great names of Mexico destinations – in addition to Marisa Pecanis’s solemn artistic direction. The team that made all the difference in the plot through the emotionally driven affirmative direction in the foreground and background. In addition, the guide takes you through all the emotions through the many plans and frames that this work offers.

Claudia Martin as Eva Carvajal in ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Engagement: Another point that shows the success of the work is its engagement on social media explicitly. During exhibitions in Mexico and the United States, the opera was widely acclaimed, reaching the pinnacle of popular topics on social media, and much of it. Surprise Because of the fictional couple ‘Juliantina’, the arrival and departure of the protagonist couple and the clash between the villain and the girl in the plot. Those who follow closely know that every day Use the hashtag # On the most talked about topics, in addition to the confusion on the podium, which specializes in covering drama.

Claudia Martin in the promotional photo of the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Fascination: We can not deny that the point in the story is the charm of the villain, starting with the villain in Eva, played by Claudia Martin, the villain. Most recent attraction. . Which is soon associated with different public feelings about her, while many people are angry with the character, others like her position. Following in the footsteps of Harvester Johnny, played by Alejandro Nones, also fits the character style impressively, even in his insane position, he unleashes a closed plot and is surrounded by nuances. And to close the three villains, El Alacrán, played by Néstor Rodulfo, a mix of evil with comedic relief, sends another emotion to the viewer.

Raquel Garza is acclaimed for her work in telenovela. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Actor and Founder: Launching a TV show in ‘Amar a Muerte’ is a privilege to be accompanied by great characters played by veteran Mexican teledramaturgy actors such as Bárbara, translated by Raquel. Famous Garza. Known to the Brazilian public for her role in ‘A Feia Mais Bela’ – Garza gave life to the average character in the plot responsible for some development. Lot In the novel, another dedication is León Carvajal by Alexis Ayala, an actor known to the Brazilian public through Mexican telenovelas, presented in Brazil by SBT and CNT.

Angelique Boyer as Lucía Borges in promotional photo for the opera ‘Amar a Muerte’. Credit: TelevisaUnivision / W Studios

Top Award-winning plot: ‘Amar a Muerte’ is a plot that has been highly acclaimed by the public, but mostly by the media, with maximum approval at the “Mexican Oscar”, known by the media as Premios TVyNovelas. Literally, the production received 14 awards out of 15 nominations, including Best Novel, Best Actor, Best Literature, Best Direction and Best Actor and Best Actor, among other major nominations for the film. . Therefore, it is a worthy work for all the nominations and awards that Serial has made history in teledramaturgy by marking before and after it.

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