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Inter’s midfielder, Edenilson, has spoken out after accusing Rafael Ramos, the Corinthians’ side of racism during the 2-2 draw between the two sides on Saturday night, in Beira-Rio, in the 6th round of the Brasileirão .

The Inter boss lodged a complaint with the police after a match in a room in Beira-Rio and left the stadium without speaking to the press. In a social media demonstration, he repeated the allegations. Rafael Ramos has been booked in flagrante delicto for racism and released after announcing a contract of R $ 10,000.

– Hello friends, just by commenting. I know what I’ve heard, I may not forget what I’s supposed to be, because this is the first time this has happened to me and it is hard for me not to listen to anything other than play football – he says, in an excerpt from the text …

The Colorado midfielder has also said he is looking for Rafael Ramos after the game in hopes of obtaining an apology. According to Inter president Alessandro Barcellos, only then did he decide to pay.

– I looked at the athlete so that he would take and apologize to me, after we all made a mistake and we have the right to admit it, in my view of the material. But he also said that I misunderstood. I made no mistake, I sought it out because of the respect I have for some members of Corinth and therefore he had time to redeem himself – he taught.

Attorney Bráulio da Silva Machado has declared the case of racism in the context of the trial. According to reports, Edenilson claimed he was offended by the words “fuck the fuck”, while Rafael Ramos reportedly claimed to have uttered the words “fuck the fuck”.

Corinthians football director Roberto de Andrade told the media before the details were announced and that Rafael Ramos denied any wrongdoing. According to the manager, the athlete would have said: “bro, fuck”.

At 30 min on January 2 - Confusion between Corinthians Inter Inter

At 30 min on January 2 – Confusion between Corinthians Inter Inter

The confusion begins within 30 minutes of the second half. Edenilson and Rafael Ramos were dropped off after moving from the right side of Inter. The Colorado player then spoke to attorney Bráulio da Silva Machado, and the game was stopped for four minutes.

Ramos was substituted in the second half and did not give a tour interview. Edenilson also refused to speak when he went to the dressing room of Beira-Rio. According to Barcellos, the player has been frustrated by the episode.

In the statement, Inter regretted the fact. Colorado vice-president of football, Emílio Papaleo Zin, also spoke in the mixed area of ​​Beira-Rio, without answering questions from the press.

– It is an understatement that the reality of this kind still exists in 2022, there is no room for racism in our lives. The Center reiterated its denial of the allegations of discrimination and support for its athletes – said an excerpt from the text.

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“Good evening everyone, I came here to comment, I know what I heard, I may not forget what I had to have, because it was the first time this happened for me and it’s hard for me to listen carefully.The other way other than sports (people I know) is insulted by the tone of my skin, my reaction is not to stop the game, because the game is good and at the same time I do not need to. Take the example he did, because I have never been through this. Forgive me, after all, we all make mistakes and we have the right to admit it, in my way.But he still says I misunderstood, I do not understand I seek it because I have honor me to some of the members of Corinth, and so that he may have the opportunity to redeem himself, not to mention honoring him. s attitude is always louder, however, I apologize for not being prepared to respond to something like that. “

Edenilson, from Inter, says he was racially abused by Rafael Ramos, by the Corinthians – Photo: Silvio Avila / Getty Images

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