Edenilson accused Rafael Ramos of racism in Inter x Corinthians; side rejection | soccer

Edenilson, from Internacional, accused Portuguese right-back Rafael Ramos, from Corinthians, of racism during the group stage match, this Saturday, in Beira-Rio, for Brasileirão.

Edenilson told Judge Bráulio da Silva Machado that he was called red in half. Rafael Ramos refuses to admit it and says “fuck him, fuck” in a ball game with the opponent. The price is reported on the competitive points. The player has also introduced himself in the media.

After the match, the Colorado player testified and registered the incident with the Police.

Rafael Ramos was arrested on the right hand by the police in Beira-Rio, but was released after announcing and announcing a contract of R $ 10,000. Before leaving the stadium, he said:

– I am here with a clear heart and a head explaining what happened. It was a vague understanding between me and Edenilson. At the end of the game I was with him and we had a quiet conversation, where I explained what happened. He explains what he really understands, which is not true. I explained the truth of what I said. That is what happened. We had a quiet conversation. He showed fear of being a liar, so I said he was not a liar, he just got the wrong words. We hold hands and I wish him luck, ”he announced.

Colorado vice-president of football, Emílio Papaleo Zin, also spoke in the mixed area of ​​Beira-Rio, without answering questions from the press. It has been confirmed that Rafael Ramos went to the Inter dressing room to talk to Edenilson after the game, according to Corinthians football manager Roberto de Andrade.

– Athletes go to the Inter dressing room, they talk. But the truth is what we believe, regardless of the statements on the other side. We are patient with the athlete and we support Edenilson in one of his attributes that he will adopt. Inter denies and does not condone racism and sided with Edenilson and expressed solidarity with all necessary means – said the leader.

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Edenilson, from Inter, says he was racially abused by Rafael Ramos, by the Corinthians – Photo: Silvio Avila / Getty Images

See Inter announcements:

“Once again, the negative omen of racism is locked in national football. This time, in our home, against the athlete by Worldwide. In this Saturday’s match (05/14), for the Brazilian Championship, Edenilson was declared racist by Rafael Ramos, the athlete of Corinthians.

It is a no-brainer that the reality of this kind is still happening in 2022, with no room for racism in our lives. The Center reiterates its commitment to all decisions and support of its athletes “.

Check out the writings of the Corinthians

“PLEASE Corinthians reassures that, based on its 111-year history, it does not condone or condone racial discrimination.

Athlete Rafael Ramos was heard by the club and given a different take on the situation in Beira-Rio, during the offensive line. Worldwide to Brasileirão 2022. Shortly afterwards, confirming that he had not spoken racistly, he was asked to explain himself to Edenilson, in the locker room of the Worldwide.

As a result of complaints from Colorado athletes, the law requires that information be corrected as a matter of fact, following a closure. The payment of a permit is not about pleading guilty, allowing the athlete to defend himself in a free trial.

Clubs and athletes will continue to cooperate with the police, ensuring that everything will be clarified as soon as possible. “

The confusion begins within 30 minutes of the second half. Edenilson and Rafael Ramos were dropped off after moving from the right side of Inter. The Colorado player then spoke to attorney Bráulio da Silva Machado.

Jô confirms that Ednilson accused Rafael Ramos of racism at Inter x Corinthians

Jô confirms that Ednilson accused Rafael Ramos of racism at Inter x Corinthians

Ramos was substituted in the second half and did not give a tour interview. Edenilson also refused to speak when he went to the dressing room of Beira-Rio.

In pictures of the Premiere announcement, it is impossible to capture an incident of Rafael Ramos during a clash with Edenilson.

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– Photo: Reproduction

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