“Earn” Cryptocurrencies: A Web 3.0 Phenomenon

Web 3.0

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One of the major crypto ventures to occur in 2021 is the increase in tokens from the play-to-receive segment.

There are countless individuals and businesses that have set up around its biggest hit, Axie Infinity. There is no shortage of reports of people earning more than $ 1,000 a month in countries like Thailand and Brazil.

The idea behind Axie, which is a Pokémon-like game, is that, when you attack Axie or rebuild, you earn more tokens and the “little monster” itself can more value in the secondary market. . The game also includes the sale of “real estate” that can be purchased and that can generate future revenue.

The business model behind it is that the more time you spend playing the game, the more battles and Axie games you will have and therefore the more tokens and value you will earn, because that all of this can be converted into a token that you can exchange. . from other crypto or even fiat.

Although the hype with Axie has passed a bit and the token has affected this in its price, it still ranks among the top 100 most expensive cryptos on the market, out of more than 20,000 existing ones. .

With a small change, the model provides a way to “drive-to-get”. You earn tokens based on your strength, walking, running, etc. data being tracked. The more you walk, the more tokens you earn.

One of the key elements of this move is STEPN, an application on the Solana network that started gaining traction within the last 2 months. As the request grew, they managed to control the cost of new password users and I, and innumerable others, remained in line.

As I love to ride my bike, I use STRAVA. This app helps me keep track of my cycling goals, find new ways and also have relationships.

But in his case, I did not get anything for the file I uploaded. On the contrary, I have to pay a registration fee, and make sure it uses my information as well as countless other users to deduct the cost of this information.

Knowing that the model has been tested in which I will be able to pay for the information I have provided is very good and is one of the key posts of this Web 3.0 that is developed. It should not take long for similar models to go after apps like Waze, Moovit, Google maps, etc., because similarities are more common with standard STEPN moves to range yes.

The question is what will be the next “to-get” that will happen? Will we ever see Instagram or tiktok advertising to earn money?

On both of these platforms, users can only receive money from third parties (advertising and advertising) because they interact with followers and interactions, which is for a few. And even with a lot of friction.

In a back-to-earn model this would be much easier and with less friction. This is the surprise of Web 3.0.

And how about answer-to-earn answers to questions? And is the course-to-receive used in school? And vote-for-income to vote in future elections in non-voting countries? Or even just competing with digital and real-life treasure-hunters to get in a city?

These are just some of the business models that can be done, and some have already been achieved, in this new Web 3.0 where revenue is already being received on the platform. A major change that could affect countless companies and business models that were developed no more than 20 years ago and today govern our lives.

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