Duda Beat and Amazonian artist excite audiences at Super Love

For the right to love and be. This is the theme of a great love festival that took place last Sunday (12) years to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the month of LGBTQIA + sightings.

The festival, held at Studio 5 – Centro de Convenções, features Northeastern singer Duda Beat as its title, accompanied by a strong band made up of artists from the North with a surge in broadcast and audio. .

With a two-hour performance, the Northeastern singer has given audiences a wide range of songs, from her debut album to her latest work. And before singing “Bixinho” (a song that marked his career), Duda Beat took the opportunity to show that he has a special love for the Amazonian capital.

“When I was asked what the three happiest days of my life were, I replied that one of the three days I spent in Manaus was on ‘floating’ and bathing in Rio Negro: Manaus is very important, I take it with me. I always have, ”he revealed.

This is the third time that a Northeastern singer has walked on Manaus land. And at the end of his show, Duda Beat also announced that he would be returning to Manaus before the end of the year.

“I really want to stay until the end, but I can not go because my flight is in the morning. But look, I want you to know that I will be back soon, see? I’ll be back to Manaus. “

Duda Beat promises to return to Manaus before New Year (Photo: Malu Dacio)

The announcement thrilled fans as Duda Beat was one of the artists listed as part of #SouManaus Passo a Paço 2022, a festival renowned for bringing in independent national artists.

In addition to providing visibility to Amazonian independent artists, the festival seeks to benefit the LGBTQIA + community by stockpiling solidarity. The food provided by the public who attended the event was for Casa Miga LGBT +. For the producer and creator of the festival Loren Luinère, such action is a must.

“Solidarity socks enable people to bring 1 kg of non-perishable food to be donated to Casa Miga LGBT, the first shelter for LGBT people in vulnerable situations in society. This is very important, people, money. [dinheiro que o público LGBTQIA+ destina a artistas ou empresas que se aproveitam da causa]. “If you hold an event, if you sell a service or product to the LGBT public in some way, it has to go back to the people in the community who need it.”

In addition to the Duda Beat, the festival features independent artists from the north, showcasing their work, most of which is original and unpublished.

Local attractions include Antônio Bahia, Rafa Militão, Lua Negra, Karen Francis, Anna Suav, Bruno Rodriguez, Bel Martine, Bernard, Pimenta com Sal, LLLuaninha, Vena Volu, Victor D’Lírio, Márcia Novo and Cat Gandhi. The festival also features performances by Ori Boral singers and artists and Thai indigenous activist Kokama.

Karen Francis is one of the Amazonian artists who participated in the festival (Photo: Matheus Mota)

For DJs Carol Pedrosa and Carol Amaral from the Pimenta com Sal project, the festival serves as a way to enhance the work of local artists, especially the LGBTQIA + community.

“We are very happy to be part of Super Love. Our event has always been an event based on diversity. So having a festival with a lot of local and LGBTQIA + artists is very important. We need to encourage initiatives like this. . […] And that we can expand and raise to bring more national artists to know our territory, meet our artists. We are big fans of Duda, we are very happy. We played Duda in all our scenes from the beginning. “So it means a lot that we are here.”

Aurora Borealis, one of the festival’s presenters, also highlighted the importance of celebrating the event in the middle of the month of LGBTQIA + visibility.

“For me, it is an honor to participate in this festival, which takes place on Valentine’s Day, which not only celebrates love, but also celebrates its diversity. And, of course, respect for local artists ”highlighted the presenter.

Parintina singer and cultural producer Márcia Novo points out that there are many Amazonians who do not yet know the artists of their homeland, and the festival has ended as a show to change this fact.

“It’s a necessary festival for Amazon. [um evento] Diversity erupts and puts on stage artists who are exploding broadcasts and the Cambodian people still do not know. This scene is too good. I invite you to listen to more local artists, ”commented Márcia Novo before taking the stage.

Bel Martine sings unreleased song from her debut album (Photo: Matheus Mota)

This is the case of singer Bel Martine, who on the list of events took the opportunity to show the unreleased songs from her debut album which will be released soon.

“Anxious and excited. This is an opportunity to present my original song. The story on the album is a nuisance to the public. This festival is very important because we are occupying this space and especially marking something that is not just for the right of love. It is for the right to exist, ”Martine pointed out.



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