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During the middle of the championship, fans Ferrari Already collected some low offensive due to strategic errors in the part of the team mixed with the difficult exit between the rotation and Technical failure. On this last point, it never happens again that their standard bearers, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, have to raise the white flag for this issue of nature, as happened in GP of Azerbaijan. For Cavallino lovers, the Double withdrawal In racing for technical reasons, he brought back bad memories from the distant past, perhaps for the first time for the youngest.

To be clear, the last case in which both Ferraris ended the race prematurely was during 2009 Australian Grand PrixA little more 13 years ago. A season that thus opened in the worst possible way for the Scuderia di Maranello immediately forced a similar defeat in the first round of the World Championships. However, a champion full of trivial regulatory innovations that also changed the aesthetic appearance of a single seat: in addition to the re-use of smooth tires without grooves and additions. KERS Air interventions were performed, leading to a widening of the front wing and a significant narrowing of the rear.

Ferrari Introduced by Manages World Builders Championship – Even today, the last one conquered – and in a rage over the title of the lost driver by Felipe Massa in the last corner, he set out for Melbourne with the intention of redeeming himself. However, contrary to expectations, the world championship turned out to be one of the worst matches in the history of the Red. The confirmation came immediately from the GP, with a surprise victory by Brawn GP, ​​Honda’s successor, who later became the construction champion, along with his driver, Jenson Button, the foot. Future world unit. The Ferrari F60 has never competed for the first place or for the platform, paying the first price on the 45 lap precisely with MassBetrayed by failure at Steering wheel. “Work” is finally completed by another Ferrari driver Kimi RaikkonenWhich three times from the end broke Differentialconcretizing the beginning of a nightmare set to continue.

Finn, Ferrari’s latest world champion, was also the only player to remain permanently on the team throughout the 2009 season: Later, during a qualifier for the Hungarian GP, ​​Massa was beaten. Head by stroke. From Brawn. By Barrichello caused a clash to the Brazilian players. After the injury, Ferrari first replaced him with his own test driver Luca Badoer and then made a second gearbox with all the Giancarlo Fisichella, while Michael Schumacher’s dream of returning to F1 was gone. Then really back in 2010, but with the Mercedes.

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