Don’t be fooled by Tyrese Maxey’s Smile. The Sixers Guard Can Ball.

Many of the key members of the Philadelphia 76ers have become real-life in the NBA

Their mettle has been questioned for some time, even though they have been involved in soccer for many years. Sometimes their abilities and their longevity are questioned, too. They arrive at the moment with a caring attitude that shows little of the joy they will find in the game they play for a living.

Then there’s Tyrese Maxey.

She smiled. She giggles. His face was usually smiling. He mocked his friends.

On the court, however, Maxey’s game betrayed a bit of that. From a team with star-studded players and coaches who each has something to prove, Maxey is a linchpin whose regular game has been covered for every team lapses. temporarily.

On Sunday night, the 76ers did not need a show by Maxey to tie their best-of-seven-seven-piece playoff series with the heat of both games, even Miami’s Jimmy Butler scored 40 points in Philadelphia 116-108 wins. But Maxey still makes the difference in Game 4: He scored 18 points, hit all of his free kicks and helped the 76ers to a solid performance from their stars.

Sixers’ best players – center-back Joel Embiid and guard James Harden – combined for 55 points, with Embiid scoring 15 points in the first quarter, Harden scoring 13 in the second, and both play a key role when the game is injured. Harden’s 18 second-place points include four 3-pointers.

Maxey has established himself as part of the engine team.

The 76ers were driven by their stars, but when the star was ruled out by injury or injury at the game, Philadelphia included Maxey. This is his second season in the NBA and his first full-time start. It was part of the Philadelphia start-up last year, and played a few minutes in the 2021 playoffs.

Winter, however, it helped immediately. Maxey scored 38 points in Game 1 of the 76ers’ opener against the Toronto Raptors, taking over Philadelphia when Harden’s game went awry.

“I see growth,” Harden told Maxey that day. “I see, as it were, going up and down, there weren’t too many similar minutes last year at the start and there was a big role for the team to play. It just stayed. stay there and take his shots when they open.He takes him offensively when they are in.

“She is very confident. That is what we need to do next. “

Maxey nearly tripled in Game 2 of that series, with 23 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Philadelphia beat Toronto in that match, and Maxey scored 25 points in the batsman.

His next best game came in Game 2 against heat. Although he said that young players and roles are often better shot at home, Maxey scored 54.5 percent of his national goals and scored 34 points in Miami . Philadelphia played without an Embiid for the second straight game due to injury and a facial injury.

In the 76ers’ Game 3 win over the heat, with Embiid back in the rut, Maxey scored 21 points in the second after failing to score in the first. He was 5-to-5 from the 3-point range after half time, and made seven of his eight goals in the second half.

“I was just starting to get violent,” Maxey said of his change in the second half. “I like letting this game come to me.”

He averaged 17.5 points per game during the regular season, and averaged 22 points per game in the playoffs when playing multiple minutes. Higher stakes and harder work – up to 41 minutes of a current game compared to 35 minutes of a game during a regular season – can prove too much for many. young. But it’s not for Maxey.

The 76ers came to think of this game from him, as much as manager Danny Green sent to Maxey the same way as Embiid and Harden when talking about production by Philadelphia elites in action. discussed after the recent broadcast of TNT.

Maxey showed his development in court late on Sunday’s game, with Philadelphia ahead by 6 and holding Miami’s final push.

Less than two minutes were left in the game when Harden could not drive the floater and Embiid held the rebound and passed to Green. He gets the ball to Maxey outside a 3-point arc, and Maxey examines the court with a watch technique that can often be easier for veterans. He found Tobias Harris White on a clear principle in court and gave him an alley-oop pass with 1 minute 40 seconds.

After the game, Maxey teen exuberance is back. He made his debut after the interview of Harris, a later eight-year-old Maxey. Before the conversation began, Maxey joked about how he was sitting in the locker room thinking about life.

The reporter asked a question and Harris began to speak. His voice was loud and Maxey jumped back into his chair. Harris laughed before continuing, after explaining that he lost his voice when he was hit in the throat.

A few minutes later, something tickled Maxey so much that he covered his mouth with his hands to stifle his giggles.

At the time, it was easy to remember that Maxey was only 21 years old. That he played over his last year on the court gave the 76ers a third-star finish in the future.

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