Discover the dangers of lack of vitamin D in the body and what is the best of these foods

Montes Claros, May 13, 2022, by Élia Meireles – Vitamin changes are certainly one of the most important effects on the body itself. Especially when it comes no D vitamin, this question is important. After all, this seemingly simple is responsible for more than 85 body functions.

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When you consider the benefits of this medication, the lack of vitamin D also need to be checked. After all, what could not have this moment in the body done to endanger? Well, the fact is that there are many problems that arise from this inadequacy. For this reason, in addition to understanding the risks of not having this vitamin, it is important to know where to find it.

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Risk of vitamin D insufficiency

As we have already mentioned, the lack of vitamin D in the body can lead to risks. According to R7, in an article by Cleide Oliveira, November 8, 2021, this product is a vital part of health care. It is one of the topics that prevent problems such as depression and other diseases. And, some of these risks are being documented here today, at AgroNews.

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Vitamin D - Canva Reproduction
Vitamin D – Reproduction Canva

Although it does not exhibit special characteristics in the absence of material, there are many dangers of inadequacy. In children, for example, insufficiency of this vitamin can lead to growth spurts, bend their legs, extend the ends of their legs and arms, delay the birth of teeth or expected to occur in the cavity.

Meanwhile, adults with osteoporosis and other bone problems are more likely. In addition, vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle aches and spasms, as well as fatigue, malaise, and other problems. In addition, good health can prevent these problems and help prevent the onset of problems such as depression and even some types of cancer.

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The best foods with vitamin D.

The good news is that it can find ways to provide the body with vitamin D. And, as you already know, exposure to the sun’s rays is one of these treatments. However, this is not the only tool we can use. After all, some foods are also good at this.

In this way, in addition to the sun’s rays, it can be avoided no D vitamin in the body from any food. As an example of this is meat, fish, seafood, which are rich in these products. However, vegetarians can also find it in foods such as eggs, milk, cheese and mushrooms.

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