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Determination and trust. Two words have become a mantra for defender Diego Costa, from São Paulo, to face the plight of the player who left the board and met with the truth of the matter. a good club.

The rapid rise in São Paulo first team has its pros and cons. As he embarks on a career in 2020 bringing his childhood dreams to the fore, he also suggests that criticism can happen overnight.

After “putting Jô in his pocket” in a classic that year, against the Corinthians, Diego Costa did not hold a position in the following games and returned to the bench. From the crowd, I heard criticism and even some requests to leave the club. Nothing made him shiver.

– Life on both sides created a good development for me and today I know that every game is difficult, I have to share it. In every race we have to go into to win, I think this is wearing a São Paulo shirt. This difficult time just works as a study and I use it to my advantage. I learned more, I ate better, I tried to watch more matches, watching my performances after each match. It makes me develop. Knowing the role he is supposed to wear the São Paulo shirt – said the defender in an interview ua ge.

“I used that time to be an athlete, to be human and to know that when I have a better time I have more value, and I think that makes all the difference for me to come back. come, “he added.

Diego Costa, defender of São Paulo, extends the contract until the end of 2024 – Photo: Rubens Chiri / Saopaulofc.net

With Rogério Ceni, Diego Costa became a complete starter. He is the defensive player who has played the most this season and has increased the confidence of the coach. Good timing has been achieved in the extension of its contract until the end of 2024.

– When Rogério arrived, the season before, I tried to tell him how hard I was working, how hard I was working and I needed a place to start. I know the competition is very high and healthy. There was Arboleda who was the defender for the national team, Miranda who worked on the national team, and I tried to learn from them too, I always watched, always listened to them – he commented yim.

– It was a very special time, I am working hard to live up to the club’s expectations. I think I’m facing a lot of work, really. I have a great responsibility, I try to work to meet the needs of the club needs of me.

São Paulo announces reform of Diego Costa

São Paulo announces reform of Diego Costa

Much of this time was due to the fact that Diego Costa had a good ball with his foot. His character favors coach Rogério Ceni, who decided to put his idol Miranda on the bench to give the 22-year-old a chance.

When he played for São Paulo under the age of 20, Diego Costa was a professional footballer and gained the ability to develop the game, something that has now emerged as a professional. .

– I always work too hard, I try to learn the game a lot to always give that option to the trainer. He was not the only defender to score. No, it’s not. I am a defender who scores, who plays, a defender who is good with his head, a very fast defender. So I try to use that to my advantage – identify the player.

Discreet and “no giggle”

Although he is 22 years old, Diego Costa has the attitude of a heavy defender and does not laugh at anything. It is an attitude that has been associated with the player born in Mato Grosso do Sul since he first started playing football.

The way he stays in the field is a reflection of how he got out of it. A “family man” as he calls himself, Diego Costa is smart and does not cause much stress in relationships. He also does not like to go out. It helped him focus on football.

– If I am not in training, work, I am at home, with my family, with my brother. Even my brother jokes sometimes and says I should have more fun. Because sometimes when I get home I want to watch games. I asked him to place the bets on my game and he said: “Man, rest a bit, tomorrow you will see”. So I was a family man, I tried to stay close to my friends, I was reserved with friendships and relationships. This is Diego.

Diego Costa’s goal in São Paulo vs. Manaus – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Diego Costa is just extravagance in the tattoos, which bring his body. However, they have special meanings, such as phrases, dates and even numbers that symbolize his life and work.

The number 25 (tattooed on the arm) is minutes of my first goal for São Paulo – says the defender, who scored for the team in the competition with the River Plate, for the 2020 Libertadores .

Undaunted by the demand for seniors in the field, Diego Costa has become the leader of the group even though he is young. It was like that all its way into the base pile.

Diego Costa, from São Paulo, has a tattoo with the number 25 – Photo: Print

This Thursday, at 19:30 (GMT), against Juventude, the defender must be on the field to try to put São Paulo in the round of 16 Copa do Brasil and strengthen his name in the starting lineup and in the club. History ..

– My biggest criticism is that I, always, have the ability to play, to be able to demonstrate to people that I deserve to play as a starter, that I deserve my opportunity . yes – he concludes.

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