Did you create the NFT on your own?

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Examples of non-fungible token (NFT)

I recently held a lovely meeting at NFT and cryptocurrency. The discussion was priced as a fact-finding effort to get to the bottom of where the real cost of these new developments is. There is a worldwide consensus on the panel that what we are seeing now is hype, but also acknowledges that some of the real value may come from creative ideas. and, however, there will be long-term effects and changes in business and people.

When the hype goes down, we can better understand how or who the real value creator is. Bronwyn Williams, analyst and future executive who continues to lead the business for Carbon Based Lifeforms, is passionate about that as we move from the world of Web 2.0 to the Web. 3.0, we are transitioning from demonetizing to re-monetizing digital assets. race. By this it means that with Web 2.0 the modus operandi is providing free services (paid with your personal information), but now we have seen money back services, including place the value of almost all human interactions inside. digital space. It’s time to turn that interaction into an industry.

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Zoe Scaman, founder of concept studio Bodacious, says this will open up opportunities for people affected in the Web 2.0 world to finally get a fair amount of benefits by themselves . He calls this “sharing better”. This is short for the notion of the real reward for the energy and involvement you contribute to building your own brand or that of others. “The relationship of a fan works if you put a lot of time and effort into being a fan and you get warm and fuzzy as a result, but you buy your product and you buy your tickets and you buy your CDs and then change, we’re now beginning to think of new ways … for the fans to really invest in you ‘he explains.

It reminds us of Alex Masmej, the twenty-one Parisian who sold himself through the ICO. His goal is to raise money to help him move from Paris to San Francisco so he can work and set up a cryptocurrency business. His reclaim is a purchase of a fraction of it and its future success.

At least the concept of tokenizing your own fashion, in principle, all results from the shame of self-promotion, the lining of tech oligarchs, and change, all things come back to you and those who have invested in you. . And it is at least some assurance (up to everything can be guaranteed today) that there is a personal value to the many personal energy used to create, heal, and empower yourself and you. online organizations.

At the time of writing, Alex has appeared on the ninth listing on the PersonalTokens website, where it is now reported that 508 people have tokenized themselves, with the entire business cap of more. $ 33 million.

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Last February, I met with Dave Birch, a digital finance expert, to write an episode of my podcast, and I asked him about personal tokenization and where he felt the change go. “People have already met him and I think it was very interesting. Using the example of the author, he said that in the future, do not go to the label to get the record and administration, you only sell the tokens on your own and the same people buy them. “And when you’re famous, tokens are worth more because you can use them for a show … it’s like buying someone’s product.”

Supporting someone with problem tokens itself is a quick way for both parties to win, but how legitimate is the agreement? And if education someone gets by tokenizing themselves will re-educate them on what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

As we continue to treat ourselves and others not as real people but as characters in the online mediation world, temptation must be true for one of the big relationships to come. hold on to the idea of ​​personal tokenization and make it popular. Can Meta be a competitor who can do that? They have been using it for more than ten years to create a social network image rather than a profile picture, and they have some competition with their cryptocurrency campaign, and now they have announced their goal. nature for the coin maker. But if they can integrate the relationships and finances across their different platforms, one can imagine the world where Meta-Tokens for Meta-mines can make a difference. understand and make money. The question will be whether the Web 2.0 company can be trusted in this regard.

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