Diarist’s financial assets use NFT as collateral

As the popularity of NFTs continues to increase, many are trying to find materials used for these technologies to highlight the interest and value of tokens in the market. A working day by Porto Alegre found the best use for his NFTs: He managed to use the Non-Fungible Token to pay for the purchase of a unit.

According to data from G1, Docelina Severo The 49-year-old employee has managed to fulfill his dream of owning his own home in an expansive, innovative way: A credit that uses digital technology to make a business venture. trade.

Docelina had problems with the usual business procedures when it came to financial real estate. This is because he is a day worker and, despite earning R $ 3,000 a month, it is not the income he can prove financially, according to it was told to Tribuna Hoje.

“Working as a working day, I finally do not always have to prove income, such as payroll. I always have trouble getting into financial companies, more because I have no stored value that can be put into commercial production. “, explains docelina.

The new development allowed the discovery, which established a legal-design process to join the NFT token, registered on Blockchain, for the registration of a private property, which, once digitized, connected to the token, which began to represent it.

The solution, according to the data, allows the registration of each device to be digitized, which, once on the blockchain and connected to the token, begins to represent its inability.

“The settlement allowed me to finance my house. This is the most important thing for me and my kids. “addedDocelina.

With that, it is possible to financially deliver NFT as promised, which is always done by the equipment.

This is an extension used for NFTs, largely because it shows the potential for independence and ease of budgeting for those who really need it, indicating that technology is coming. can go beyond the show for people with a lot of money. .

“The system will allow people who often do not have access to credit to be able to buy their real estate on digital devices. At the same time, lenders will have the opportunity to do things much faster and with the same security as the previous product market.All of these with lower prices and competitive prices, including the time change in an hour or more. weeks. “about netspaces director Jonathan Doering Darcie in an interview

It is still very niche, but it is enough to show the power that blockchain can improve access to personal financial management in everyone’s daily life.

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