Diarist from Porto Alegre buys property with funds using NFT as collateral | Rio Grande do Sul

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“Working as a working day, I conclude there is not always used to prove income, such as, for example, paycheck. The solution from Netspaces is to allow I want to get money for my house. This is good for me and my children, “explains Docelina.

The property is an apartment Two bedroom with parking, with 47m2 of private area, in the community of Sarandi. The hotel has full infrastructure, including 24-hour concierge, lounge facilities, swimming pool, bicycle rack and sports facilities.

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Day laborers receive around R $ 3,000 monthly and finances will be paid R $ 1,500 for approximately 16 years.

Docelina will receive the keys to her private home this Thursday afternoon (28).

“Today is special for me and for my children, because it is a dream I have, to have a house out to them, I work one day, I will not be able to overcome it. still do not believe, “he told g1.

According to Guarida Imóveis, the real estate agent responsible for the sale, Docelina found the property in the traditional way in the property and contacted the company.

“We have been committed to purchasing this unique tool and understanding the details of the customer profile and product needs, we see this as the solution to make the This tool can be used by people, in an easier way to dream of their own home “, says the CEO of Guarida, Júlia Dal Santo.

Netspaces CEO Jonathan Doering Darcie explains that the use of technology to support the real estate buying and selling process.

“The transition beyond the traditional process that involves some citizenship, a little more time, you move into a world where you have the electricity industry, with new products, which is NFT. You want what it carries with you, which is a set of rules over a private property “.

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NFT is a token that owns the exclusive rights. In Docelina’s case, he acted as a liable for him to get the house.

“What we’ve done is change the product market, which has always worked as an asset and is now in the NFT with the same qualifications as the device. If you change the form, it more or less the same amount of content, ”said Jonathan.

The whole process, according to Jonathan, is lighter and aims to provide knowledge to more people.

“The whole process is lighter. It is an experience that people have in most industries in some industries. It is a very heavy process in tradition. light, people see shopping as a process.is so sensitive that it is often the tool of a person’s life.When not a pain that starts from the day you like to the day that belongs to you, you have something lighter “, he concluded.

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