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The death of a 44-year-old woman sparked domestic violence in Lavras (MG). This is because city officials are victims of crashes and, according to the brothers, have the assistance of a bus driver. In addition, the victim had to wait more than a month in the SUS Fácil line, for which surgery had not been performed.

Sandro Francisco, Luciana’s brother, was the one who took him in the aftermath of a motorcycle the day of the crash. He returns to the scene and only sees the wrath of the dead woman.

“What makes me most angry about the situation is the lack of help, no one from Autotrans came here when it went down, when I went down, no one did, no one Search for me or his family until now to find out what .that happened, “said driver Sandro Francisco.

Luciana Aparecida Silva, 44, was an out-of-town worker and was involved in the crash on the afternoon of April 5th. The cause is still being investigated.

Death of city worker after more than a month of waiting in line at SUS Fácil riot in Lavras – Photo: EPTV

An Autotrans bus was getting off at Rua Paulo Costa Pereira when it collided with a Luciana motorcycle and was thrown down. He was sent the same day to the UPA city. As a family, there are 33 days waiting for immediate surgery.

It was a race against time to save Luciana. Even after waiting a long time, he managed to undergo surgery in Juiz de Fora, but he could not resist the accident and died. The body was buried on Mother’s Day.

“Although all the efforts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which did not measure the efforts, unfortunately the state could not comply, all affected the responsibilities of others, which had to wait. in line for SUS etc, but it could not. was waiting, “said lawyer Marcelo Abreu.

The mayor said the next day he gave the victim the name SUS Fácil, looking for a hospital that could work for him, because the operation was difficult.

In practice, the SUS Fácil works as follows: Patients who need a bed for emergencies and emergencies are enrolled in the program. The patient’s medical records are examined and from there, the most appropriate bed is sought, but the procedure can take time.

“There have been many experiments by the SUS Fácil. Our constant concern is to update the SUS Fácil and find space for the patient. This is not up to us, it is up to the State, the law that seeks space for the patient. In need “, said the secretary of Health of Lavras, Iara Menicucci Nogueira.

“It’s the real responsibility of the State to do what the bill has done. The delay is due to the procedural steps that the State has not yet paid itself, there must be a decision on the block. in the state funds and then. exchange of capital for value, “said the attorney of the City, Luciano Salim.

Luciana’s brother called the Public Ministry, which asked the state to pay for the surgery. A payment of R $ 37 thousand was made last Friday, but the woman did not prevent the surgery.

“He entered the SUS Fácil, no hospital acknowledgment, not Santa Casa or Vaz Monteiro, they could not bring a doctor to work for him, because in his case, if he had surgery first, he would survive. ” , says salesman Helton Luciano Raimundo Silva.

The medical report states that the victim had bones in the abdomen and femur, and both had to undergo surgery due to major deformity and pain, and because of the time of evolution, the The bone is regenerated because the patient gets into serious deformity and pain. hospital. 30 days after bone.

Death of city worker after more than a month of waiting in line at SUS Fácil riot in Lavras – Photo: EPTV

The Lavras Department of Health said that after the patient’s name was placed on the SUS Fácil, the responsibility did not remain with the city.

“They have claimed that they do not have a bed and that they do not have a very difficult doctor now,” said the secretary of Health of Lavras.

Prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Aécio Rebelo, responsible for investing in surgery, said that the responsibility is joint, that is, it is up to the state and the city to pay for the surgery. space. He said that because of life, the city had to pay for a private hospital.

“I hope his case is a lesson to help a lot of people here who need it, because it’s not just happening to him, a lot of people here need it. I want people not to Forget about his case. Help others here, “said Luciana’s brother.

In a statement, Autotrans stated that all service companies were provided, as is always the case in such cases. In addition, according to the company, the driver provided all the necessary information at the time and CCTV footage did not prove his guilt in the crash. The State Department of Health has not commented as of this announcement.

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