David Cronenberg Sells NFT From His Kidney Stone – 4/21/2022 – Dillustrated

David Cronenberg presented this year in Cannes a film about the vital body that still works in the field of art. And, as an example, the 79-year-old Canadian filmmaker sold kidney stones taken from his body based on NFT, which represents non-fungible tokens.

Cronenberg has been suffering from kidney cramps for years. “My doctor told me: I want to collect kidney stones to test and see if there are any problems with your diet,” the manager told his fans at SuperRare cryptart platform.

He then replies to the doctor “absolutely not”. “They look like I’m pretty going to be destroyed. Art always has the last word”, he condemned. So he collected 18 stones and photographed them.

“Inner Beauty”, or interior beauty, has been on sale on the crypto-art platform SuperRare for the past three weeks, and has a storage value of ten ethereum (approximately US $ 30,300, or R $ 140,000, at the current quote). This means that the NFT auction will start from the time of one ten bidder ethereum, and will last up to 24 hours after that.

This is the first NFT by Cronenberg, which last year sold a one-minute short film in which he appeared with an extremely faithful and disconcerting reproduction of his dead body.

The director of the horror film, Cronenberg has the potential to turn humans into guinea pigs for a physical or technological change. He is the author of classics such as 1981’s “Scanners, Your Heart’s Ability”, “The Fly”, a remake of the 1958 classic made in 1986, and 1996’s “Crash”, which he the artists are powerful and willing to use them. body as the center of the experiment.

The decision to sell NFT on its kidney stone was from the 1988 movie “Gemini – Morbid Similarity”, as Cronenberg told his fans. In the story, Jeremy Irons plays the role of two twin brothers who, as pediatricians, teach everything in their lives, including women.

“At one point, one of the twins said to the other, ‘I do not understand why there is no beauty contest on the inside,'” Cronenberg recalls, adding that “Inner Beauties” also is used for it. The new film, “Terrorism in the Future”, starring Viggo Mortensen. In it, the actor plays a “performer artist” whose art involves performing surgery directly on his own body “.

“Terrorism of the Future” is in contention for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, scheduled for May 17-28.

Cronenberg was not the first filmmaker to enter the world of NFTs. Another affected filmmaker, American David Lynch, did a project in the genre with the Interpol rock band in October last year.

The bustling market for NFTs and cryptocurrencies is still considered by Hollywood as a financial investment for free movies.

NFTs are a type of certification that members often deal with art. The works in question, not pictures, photos or videos, link to anyone online. But only the buyer of the “token”, registered in the “blockchain”, owns it.


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