Cryptocurrencies see in 2022

Cryptocurrencies keep an eye on this year

Cryptocurrencies keep an eye on this year| Photo: Unsplash, Quantitatives / Reproduction

International research by Visa shows that cryptocurrencies are growing faster in Brazil. The survey shows that 97% of Brazilians know cryptocurrencies. In addition, a third of respondents were directly involved with cryptocurrencies using their means to invest, trade and send or receive money.

Everyone knows that bitcoin and ethereum are one of the top cryptocurrencies that have the potential to grow. But who promised to enjoy this year? I have selected four cryptos that I have faith in this year.

The first is TERRA (LUNA), which in December of last year alone had a profit of over 60%. TERRA is the blockchain and LUNA is the symbol. In addition to LUNA, the Terra blockchain also has a stable UST, developed in an unsupported algorithm. To produce 1 UST, 1 dollar LUNA must be burned.

That is, UST was created and dismantled due to greater demand for it. When demand dropped, it was shattered. Therefore, the higher the demand for UST, the greater the demand for LUNA. The more capital for UST also grows, the more this will have a positive impact on LUNA’s investment.

Today TERRA LUNA is in the market with a capital of 30 billion dollars. The difference is appealing to many because management will come with all sorts of centralized stabilitycoins and UST working as a decentralized alternative.

In addition, TERRA is designed using Cosmos network technology that enables communication between different networks. Many networks have been designed to use this tool, which makes it possible for TERRA network to integrate with others, interactively, which is one of the big points I believe for 2022. It can also be completed from 5 to 10 thousand operations per. second and join other networks such as Ethereum and Solana, which are expanding to bring in funding from other networks, in addition to focusing on developing DeFi, Web 3.0 and NFTs protocols .

Another crypto I believe has been great this year is the CRO, by, one of the largest online exchanges in the world. The token has risen, supported by tight exchange trades. has benefited more after becoming a sponsor of the UFC, Formula 1 and after purchasing the title right to the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA Clippers, for the next 20 years. for about US $ 700. million dollars.

In addition, offers debit cards that offer customers up to 8% cashback. For this, it is necessary to leave the CRO in competition. The exchange recently announced, like Binance, the launch of its own blockchain.

And the third crypto keeping eye of 2022 in my view is KADENA, a small coin with a market capitalization of 2 billion dollars. He has a very strong team of programmers behind him and allows him to work on 480,000 conversions per second. It has very large scalability without power consumption. I think it can grow about 10 times this year.

Last but not least, another potential one is SAND, an ERC-20 token made on the Ethereum blockchain and always on the Sandbox. It is used to trade in the sandbox ecosystem and on the radar of potential investors, because it is part of the metaverse world, where more and more large companies enter. . The interesting fact about it is that users can create their own NFTs in its metaverse world and market, which is a market expense for traders. As it is a managed token, insurers can vote on changes to the platform.

Andrey Nousi is the CEO of Nousi, a financial education and consulting firm that helps thousands of people invest better. He has more than 12 years of experience in the global financial market, previously serving as Vice President of JP Morgan in Switzerland, where he has managed several million financial institutions. In addition, it is licensed by the CFA, the world’s most widely selected financial certification.

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