Cruzeiro wins Remo of penalties and promotion in the Copa do Brasil

Under the eyes of Ronaldo, Cruzeiro battled it out against Remo, in Independência, in the return leg of the third round of the Copa del Brasil in search of a division to base Around 16. Need to reverse the score of the first leg, Raposa held Pará 1-0 and decided on a penalty, with a goal from Edu, of 30 minutes of the second half. In the first leg, Fox was beaten 2-1.

In penalties, Cruzeiro beat Remo from 5 to 4. Rafael Cabral was a big name when he defended four sets. Edu starts regularly and drops. Rafael Cabral, however, defended Marlon at cost and left Cruzeiro in the game again. Brock scored and put Raposa in the front, but Bruno Alves equalized on the series. Rodolfo converted and Vanílson also scored for Remo. In penalty shoot-out, youngster Daniel Junior wasted and scored, unlike Leonan who fought for Rafael Cabral defense.

In the fifth round, Rafa Silva can score for distribution. However, the athlete Vinícius was saved. Paulinho Curuá scores and decides for others. In the sequel, Zé Ivaldo is first and foremost jealous of Cruzeiro. However, Lailson did not take advantage and Rafael Cabral defended again. In the second installment, Lucas Oliveira converted to Raposa, along with Anderson Uchôa for Remo.

Rafael Santos scored fifth for Cruzeiro. The pressure on Remo and the Everton Sena paid for another defense by Cabral. With that, Cruzeiro has risen to the round of 16 of the Copa Brasil after three years.

First time

Driven by the crowd, Cruzeiro went after Remo from the first minute. Team Heaven won the first stage, but was a little scared. After 2 minutes, Vinícius did very well on Luvannor’s pass after a beautiful pass by Willian Oliveira. At 21, Leonan scored a free kick for Remo who came close to scoring for Rafael Cabral. Lucas Oliveira, at 31, sent a beautiful ball from outside the area, which reached the cross. At 41, Rafael Cabral fumbled in the front area of ​​Brenner. The athlete removes the cart from the danger before it reaches the athlete.


Cruzeiro came back with the same use and the game was transformed into the latest version of the counter-attack defense. The angels set fire to the stands trying to push the team to victory and it worked. At 4, Rodolfo sent the ball over Remo’s goal. Then, Daniel Junior, at 12, asked for protection from Vinícius after a shot from distance. Cruzeiro insisted until 30, Edu, who had lost the other way, sent him to the back of the nets. In soccer, Rafa Silva went into the middle and the ball was left to the athlete to score. Remo tried to respond with Erick Flores in 35 minutes, which completed to the left of Rafael Cabral.

Edu scores and drops

The crucial name of Cruzeiro in the season, Edu has decided once again. The player had a problem during the game, he still did not have a good chance, but continued to participate. He was rewarded in 30 minutes, when Rafa Silva’s head was placed on him in the area. The team hit the best of the season, Edu reaching 13 goals in 18 games for Raposa. However, in the penalty spot, he opened the scoring, but the Vinicius athlete saved.

Under Ronaldo’s eyes

Ronaldo Nazário in a building in Independência to watch the match with the club’s president, Sergio Santos Rodrigues and Gabriel Lima, president of SAF do Cruzeiro. This is Ronaldo’s fourth time in person to watch Raposa’s game. First, he was in the first team of the season, against URT, and in two games against Atlético-MG, one for the qualifying level of Mineiro and the other valid for decision making. of the State.

taboo explosion

Cruzeiro has not played Remo since October 1979 in a valid match for the Copa do Brasil that year. With the result, the star team broke a limit of almost 43 years without overcoming the people of Pará. In 12 games, Cruzeiro has won, until then, just once, losing seven and drawing four times.

volleyball and football

The seven-time winner of the Men’s Volleyball Superliga last week, Sada Cruzeiro was on the sidelines of Independência and took the Olympic turn at half-time. First, the president of the baseball team, Vittorio Mediolli, presented Ronaldo with the team jersey in the box. The manager also greets the players before the match.


CRUISE 1 (5) X 0 (4) OAR

Date: April 12, 2022, Thursday
Schedule: 19:30 (from Brasilia)
Competition: Copa do Brasil (repeat game on stage 3)
Local: Independência Stadium, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Raphael Claus (Fifa – SP)
Help: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (Fifa – SP) and Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Corrêa (Fifa – RJ)
VAR: He does not have
Yellow cards: marciel and Brenner (Remo)

Purpose: Edu, at 30 minutes from the second half

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral; Zé Ivaldo, Oliveira, Eduardo Brock; Geovane Jesus (Daniel Jr.), Willian Oliveira (Fernando Canesim) and Adriano (Rafa Silva), Matheus Bidu (Rafael Santos); Jajá, Luvannor (Rodolfo) and Edu. Coach: Paulo Pezzolano.

TABLE: Vinicius; Kevem (Everton Sena), Marlon, Daniel Felipe and Leonan; Uchôa, Marciel and Albano (Bruno Alves); Fernandinho (Lailson), Erick Flores and Brenner (Vanilson). Coach: Paulo Bonamigo.

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