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Cruzeiro SAF announced, this Friday, the names that will include the new board of directors of the club. In a statement, the club announced that the board would be referred to the Board and would focus on “athletics and management improvements”. The names that will be part of this board, including the Board of Trustees, will be announced next week.

The Board of Directors consists of the CEO of Cruzeiro, in addition to the General Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business and Marketing Officer, Football Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Communication.

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Gabriel Lima, who will lead the transition, will be CEO of Cruzeiro SAF. The manager spent the last three years as General Manager of Real Valladolid, the Spanish club with Ronaldo Nazário as his main business partner, responsible for business and industry. detail of the club.

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Alexandre Koob is the new Secretary General of the Cruzeiro SAF and will be responsible for overseeing the recovery of the organization, Legal, complianceManagement, relationships between organizations and special plans.

Pedro Martins is also the Director of Soccer, responsible for the concept of Work, Grassroots and Women’s Football.

The position of Chief Operating Officer is Enrico Ambrogini: Do you want more followers?while the Chief Financial Officer has Raphael Vianna. The Director of Marketing and Business will be Lenin Franco. In communication, Victor Rios is the guardian.

LUB ride a boat SAF announces its Board of Directors. With a defined process and responsible people, the club supports its management, focusing on sportsmanship and governance management. Executive Board of ride a boat will be referred to the Board. The names established by this Board, as well as the Governing Body, will be announced next week.

Gabriel Lima, who has led the transition, will be the CEO of ride a boat The SAF Five President will report directly to him, in addition to the General Secretary of the club. Gabriel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidade Federal Fluminense with a specialization in Finance. The manager spent the last three years as Commercial Director of Real Valladolid, a Spanish club with Ronaldo Nazário as his main business partner, responsible for business and industry outreach. wide of the club. Lima is also a member and partner of the Oddz network, the entertainment arm of the R9 group that includes companies such as Octagon Brasil in its portfolio.

At the beginning of his career, Gabriel worked for companies such as Accenture and Vale. “It is with pride and admiration that this work has come from ride a boat at a time of great change in the Brazilian football industry. Our responsibility will be to return ride a boat to a key role in national football and expanded its name beyond the Brazilian region. The entire board is made up of professionals with the experience of:

Alexandre Cobra is the Secretary General: Cobra holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. The CEO specializes in Três Corações, Ambev and Alvarez & Marsal, with in-depth knowledge of sales and company development. The expert will be responsible for overseeing the organizational’s costs, legal, regulatory, administrative, organizational relationships and specific plans.

Lenin Franco is the Director of Business and Marketing: Lenin holds an MBA in Management and has worked in the football industry since 2006. He arrived in Bahia in 2013, as a Director. led the business, and later became the leader of the industry. In 2021, he arrived at Botafogo as CEO. With it will be areas of Promotion and Advertising, Socio-Fan, Ticketing and Hospitality, Digital and E-sports.

Pedro Martins is Athletic Director: Graduated in Business Administration and with an MBA from the University of Liverpool, the Director stints as a manager at the Queens Park Rangers, from England, Athletico-PR, Ferroviária and São Paulo Football Federation (FPF). Pedro is responsible for the concepts of Superior, Base and Women’s Soccer.

Raphael Vianna is the CFO: Vianna is a partner of KPMG, one of the world’s leading multinational watchdogs and consultants. He has extensive experience in business strategy, fundraising, financial recovery and remodeling. With it are the Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and IT areas.

Victor Rios is the Director of Communications. Graduated in PUC-Rio journalism and after graduating in IBMEC Sports and Business Administration, he worked at CBF Communications for 8 years, with extensive experience with the Brazilian team. at the World Cup, Confederations, the Olympic Games and the Copa America. Since 2015, he has been the Director of Communications on the R9 team. With Rios is Institutional Positioning, Advisory and Relations with the Press, Content Production and Public Relations.

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