Covid-19 lasts longer than 1 year and fatigue is the most common symptom, says study – 05/11/2022

Half of those who received covid-19 had symptoms related to the disease that could last more than a year, reports research from Fiocruz Minas (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz de Minas Gerais). In a study, which followed 646 patients, 324 developed post-infection symptoms, called long-term covid.

These works were published in scientific journals Economics of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Fatigue, resulting in extreme tiredness and difficulty with daily activities, is a major dissatisfaction among patients. Among the largest sequelae was thrombosis, diagnosed in 20 patients in this study.

The main symptoms of long-lasting covid reported by patients are:

  • Fatigue (35.6%)
  • cough regularly (34%)
  • Shortness of breath (26.5%)
  • Odor or taste (20.1%)
  • Headache (17.3%)
  • Insomnia (8%)
  • Depression (7.1%)
  • Dizziness (5.6%)
  • Thrombosis (6.2%)

Symptoms appear and occur in both people with severe disease and in people with moderate or severe illness, that is, long-term covid can affect any person. containing covid-19. Of all patients diagnosed with the study with minimal disease, 59.3% encountered long-term sequelae. Of the moderate cases, 74.5% and of the severe cases, 33.1% still suffered from the disease.

“There is a tendency to seek treatment only for the most serious conditions, such as thrombosis. However, it is important to seek medical attention for other problems, because they can affect people’s quality of life, ”said Rafaella Fortini, the manager. of learning.

All symptoms appear after the diagnosis of covid-19 and continue for 14 months, according to Fortini. Only thrombosis patients were cured and patients recovered.

“We have cases of people being re-examined, because the symptoms persist for more than 14 months,” the researchers said in a statement from Fiocruz.

“We also found seven communicable diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, leukemia, leukemia, chronic kidney disease and smoking or drinking alcohol. exacerbates the disease and increases the risk of sequelae “, explains.

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