Couples to Celebrate ‘Forever’ on Renner’s Valentine’s Day

June 2, 2022

The dream of eternal love is something that is part of our common imagination, but this eternity can last a summer night, a year or decades, and continue forever with us.

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Thy RainerInspired by the diversity of real-life love organized in this. Valentine’s Day Campaign with motto Forever Start NowThat encourages the public to cultivate love and live intensely the experiences that relationships bring.

Largest fashion retailer omni The country launched its digital campaign on Wednesday, May 25th. Until June 12, Renner will have a series of activities marked by light and emotion. In Renner’s traditional Valentine’s Day movie, the brand reaffirms the dream of eternal love, remembering that even the longest relationship went through initial speculation.

In the production, a young couple gives their first kiss, and as soon as they touch the lips, the sequence of images runs across the screen for a few seconds, referring to what can happen in a relationship: Expectations, remarkable moments and everything included. A hobby.

When the lips part again in the same position, we see a more mature couple and the message “Forever starts now. “Happy Valentine’s Day Renner.” The production aired on open television and was available on Renner’s YouTube channel.

This work was signed by Suno Paim and O2 Produções.

Maria Cristina Merçon, Director of Corporate Marketing at Lojas Renner, says, “This Valentine’s Day, Renner wants to celebrate love, encouragement and encourage couples to embark on this tremendous journey to live and build lasting relationships.” .

Following the release of the film, Renner deepened the concept of the campaign on its social media. . On Instagram, Rennata, the brand’s digital personality, will invite the public to share their “Forever” story. She will act as a cupid and create a comedy to communicate and bring these couples closer. On Renner’s Instagram and TikTok, content with co-founders, couples and singles explores the true potential of relationships and the richness of romance.

Among the influencers who formed the campaign were Maju de Araújo (@majudearaujo), Amanda Mendes (@todecrespa) and Dante Olivier (@olivierdante), in addition to Luara Fonseca (@luara), Vivi Wanderley (vivi) and Nathalia Araho. Nath).

The end of Renner’s most romantic date of the year will Live To help couples choose gifts. In the day June 2At 8pmLive shop happens Gifts that last forever. Nath Araújo (@nanaths) and Leandro Coloral (@coloralmachomoda) will lead the debate, bringing together suggestions for the never-ending piece. Different styles and never out of style. The live stream will still suggest action tips to tag and create memories this Valentine’s Day.

Next week, day June 9Also at 8pmRoll Passionate Taster Chat. Renner Style team and influencer Manoela (@Manozzita) will be helping to introduce gifts for all kinds of love and relationships of different levels – from waking up love and couples still not knowing each other’s tastes. Come and go. On the other hand, even those cases where the couple has been together for decades and want to continue the surprise.

The full campaign is available at Landing Page Officers of Renner Valentine’s Day.

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