Coritiba played poorly, lost to Santos and was sent off in the third round of the Copa do Brasil | coritiba ua

Coritiba played badly and lost the Christians from 3-0, Thursday night, in Vila Belmiro and relegated to the third tier of the Copa do Brasil. Coxa had better and played for the draw, but took all the goals in the second half and spoke well of the match.

Team alviverde won the first game from 1 to 0 and only held Peixe for 45 minutes in the return play. After the break, the alvinegra team scored three goals in 15 minutes and interpreted the distribution. Goals were scored by Marcos Leonardo, Madson and Rodrigo Fernández.

With the fall, Coritiba continued the pace and continued without climbing to the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil. The last time it reached this stage was in 2015, against Grêmio.

Since then, the club from Paraná has been eliminated three times in the third tier (2022, 2021 and 2018), twice in the second tier (2016 and 2017) and two more in the first tier (2020 and 2019). )

At the beginning of the year, the goal of the Coxa board was indeed to reach the finals of the 16. State title, another goal, was struck. For now, he will still be fighting for eternity in Serie A.

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Santos tried to make the whole first half, but broke into the white thighs, especially with the ball. Only the one who “passed” was for Marcos Leonardo, who scored the goal and was convicted of a foul.

The in-house groups, therefore, were set up. Lucas Pires took a corner and Velázquez crossed the bar. After Jhojan Julio crossed the area, Alex Muralha came out badly, and Léo Baptistão went all out.

Terrically, Coritiba was almost non-existent in the inability to carry the ball off the field. At the same time he completes, he creates a good time. Willian Farias scored with Alef Manga and crossed right to Matheus Alexandre, who placed him and sent him across the bases.

Upon returning from rest, there was no time to breathe, and Coxa took charge. After the defender took the ball out of the area, Velázquez led the way back, Muralha passed, and Marcos Leonardo finished on the nets.

Soon, two goals were practiced. Zanocelo sees Lucas Pires on the back of the defense, crossing over to Madson’s head and expanding. And then, Léo Baptistão corrected him for Rodrigo Fernández corrected him and hit hard to get a good goal.

Goal by Marcos Leonardo in Santos x Coritiba – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Coritiba back to the front area America-MG Sunday, at 5:30 pm, at Couto Pereira, for the sixth round of the Brasileirão.

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