Corinthians’ Vítor Pereira comments on Jorge Jesus’s comments on Flamengo: “The world is very competitive” | Kauleethaus

Set by Jorge Jesus as the best Portuguese coach in the sport in Brazil, coach Vítor Pereira said the major impact of the words his teammates made during the Flamengo game, which reported and sparked violence against Paulo Sousa in Flamengo.

In an interview published on UOL this Thursday, Jorge Jesus said he wants to return to Flamengo and set May 20 as the deadline.

After the Corinthians won 1-0 against Red Bull Bragantino, in Bragança, the coach asked Jesus’ words and, for the first time, chose to praise other Lusitanians.

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– I have not yet heard from Jorge Jesus confirmation of the message. Speaking of other people’s homes is something I avoid, I like to be in my corner. For me, our other trainers in Brazil are great. Jorge Jesus himself has many advantages, he proved it here in Brazil, Abel Ferreira proved him here in Brazil. I know Luis Castro very well, we work in Porto, we have them at the same time, he is the training director, I am the coach. Paulo Sousa has worked abroad with names, everyone has their own character and quality. And with qualifications get here in large groups. That’s all I can say about the topic.

Vítor Pereira, Corinthians coach – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag. Kauleethaus

The Corinthians coach has not confirmed whether he will call Paulo Sousa in solidarity with his professional partner when he sees Jorge Jesus want to return to Flamengo. At a news conference, however, the Corinthians’s athlete warned of the weather in football:

– Probably a lot of people met with him (Paulo), It is a very competitive world. Now regarding the statements, if they had confessed, Jesus himself should have explained, I am here and judge Jorge. Paulo has to understand, and I’m sure he does, this is a very competitive world and we are judged all the time, sometimes with fixes and sometimes not with everyone.. I will not go into trouble anymore, all the coaches are good, they do not fall by the wayside, you have to adjust. I have not tasted anything here, I have lost a lot of games, I usually do not lose much, but I have not prepared the best team. He works, respects everyone, respects and continues to work.

Timão now turns his heart to the Copa do Brasil. After a 1-1 draw against Portuguesa-RJ in Londrina, the first leg, the team meets the opponent again, this time at the Neo Química Arena, on Wednesday, at 21:30. In Brasileirão, the next candidate is Inter, Saturday, in the south.

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