Corinthians beat Ecus and won for the first time with coach Danilo of Paulista Sub-20

The Corinthians’ Under-20 team received a match on Saturday afternoon, against Ecus Suzano, at Parque São Jorge, for the Campeonato Paulista in the category. Superior at all times of competition, team makes 5 to 0 over the opponentwith goals scored by Giovane, Felipe, Pedrinho, Matheus Araújo and Riquelme.

The win was the first for coach Danilo in a career competition since he was hired. The captain of Sub-23 until last year, the former midfielder is now responsible for the main group of alvinegra base. Timão lost to São Caetano in the event.

Next challenge! – Timãozinho returns to midfield next week, on Wednesday, May 11, against Santo André. The tournament, scheduled for 3 p.m., will be played at the home of the enemy, Bruno José Daniel Stadium.


Coach Danilo needed to find his first win in a game for Corinthians’ Un-20. For the duel, the former midfielder selected the following teams: Kau; Léo Mana, João Pedro Tchoca, Murillo and Vitor Meer; Thomas Argentino; Matheus Araújo, Kayke and Biro; Giovanni and Felipe Augusto.

What kind of game?

First time

The first goal came after the ball went around the opponent’s area and left with Felipe Augusto on the left of the goal. An athlete struggling to get where his friends were, Biro could not finish, but his touch fixed the round for Giovane. The striker strikes left, with no chance for the athlete.

Shortly afterwards, at 18 minutes, Timão once again established a movement from one side of the field to the other. Biro traded crosses with Matheus Araújo, which opened the Léo Mana of the area. Side crossing low

The alvinegra team slowed down a lot after opening the lead, began to change crossings and even reversed their lines slightly as visitors searched for the ball in the area trying to get up.

Ecus even threatened Kaue on several occasions. The only one of the most dangerous, however, was already in the end of the first half, after the mismanagement of the protesters that led to the dismissal of the entry of area. The ball crosses to the left of the target protected by a free-and-free archer.


Right at the beginning of the final stage, the Corinthians managed to get higher grades. Danilo took out two scribes on goal and sent Pedrinho and Arthur Sousa to the area, a duo involved in the third goal team.

After the movement of Matheus Araújo and Biro, Léo Mana made another move and crossed over to Arthur’s head. The striker head hard, but hit the crossbar. In the balance, with the athlete already hitting, Pedrinho led him and made it 3-0.

With control of the game, Timão bets on a longer exchange of passes to tire more opponents. The best diversity of the team contributes to this, but the kids should get credit when it comes to finding the best time to fight.

And it came in the 27th minute of the second half. After turning the ball from left to right, Léo Mana got it and fixed it for Pedrinho. The midfielder crossed over the second post and Matheus Araújo came on for free and scored the fourth goal.

At the end of the race, Timão still managed a fifth goal. Ryan, who replaced Matheus Araújo, dribbled two runners and skipped over the second post. Pedrinho adjusted it to the middle and Riquelme, who replaced Biro, kicked the first to close the scoring.

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