Corinthians and Deportivo Cali are not penalized and are at 0x0

Yesterday (4), in a game valid for the 4th round of the Copa Libertadores, the Corinthians visited Deportivo Cali and, despite the best of times, were in a 0-0 draw with the Colombians. The game is busy and penalty on all sides. In the second half, Cássio defended Téo Gutiérrez’s shot and, minutes later, Fábio Santos was able to give Timão the win, but was ruled out.

With the result, Corinthians added his seventh point in Group E of the Copa Libertadores and remained in the lead, while Deportivo Cali dropped to third with five points. The other vice-captain was Boca Juniors, who also tonight was always Ready, 1-0, in Bolivia, and only one point behind Timão in the table.

Following the national tournament, on May 17, the Corinthians visited Boca Juniors, at Bombonera, for the fifth time in the group stage. Two days later, Deportivo Cali received always readyin Colombia.

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Best: Jo

He always practiced all the high defenses against the Colombian defense, he knew how to open the space for his teammates with fast and sharp moves and, very close, did not leave his mark against Deportivo Cali. High pressure from Corinthians striker.

Worst: Aldair Gutierrez

He placed in place a defensive line that was well used by the Corinthians in the field of play, making Deportivo Cali defense expand over time. In the offensive it happened little and left the midfielders and wingers helpless.

Corinthians dropped Fagner with 5 minutes

The holding back of the Corinthians, Fagner side was in the field for only 5 minutes and had to be replaced. In a controversy still in the middle of the field, the player stretches his left ankle and twisted his right ankle in support, probably due to some failure. similar in grass. No shirt 23, coach Vítor Pereira improvised left-back Lucas Piton in the position.

It starts warm in Colombia

The first minutes of the clash between Deportivo Cali and Corinthians were not happy for Colombians or Brazilians. No formation in the middle, two groups bet on long balls and practice no risk until the opening 25 minutes of contention.

Mantuan lost the best in the first half

The best moment of the first half was in a quick attack led by Du Queiroz, who saw Jô start from the left and play low on Gustavo Mantuan in the area. However, the attacking player kicked with more force than necessary and sent the ball out, despite having the whole goal open to score.

Fábio Santos saves Corinthians

Upon returning from a break, the Corinthians entered the field was cut off and, by the very least, missed a goal with less than a minute to the final stage. In a move by Rodríguez and Téo Gutiérrez on the left, midfielder Vásquez appeared in the free zone to complete the move. The ball went past Cássio, who came out to break the deadlock, but side Fábio Santos appeared to be the defensive block.

Colombian against yellowed

Responsible for quick use in Corinthians’s attack, striker Gustavo Mosquito yellowed almost all of Deportivo Cali’s defense on counterattack sprints. With difficulty to stop the tip of the iceberg, side Gutiérrez and Mafla, and defender Burdisso warned the cards when the Brazilian offense.

Penalty for Deportivo Cali

Better in the competition, Corinthians wasted counterattack in speed with a wrong pass from Maycon in midfield and saw Deportivo Cali put themselves into the attack and face the exit area protection dismantled. Téo Gutiérrez played for Rodríguez, who passed Raul Gustavo, dribbled Cássio in the area and was brought in. The referee was penalized, Téo Gutiérrez appeared to kick, but Cássio jumped on the left corner to defend and save Timão.

Penalty for Corinthians

Minutes after Cássio defended, Corinthians had a chance to win at the foot of Fábio Santos. This is because, in the 42nd minute of the second half, goalkeeper De Amores knocked Júnior Moraes in the area and the referee points to the penalty. In charge, the player knows how to split the ball and waste time sending Timão’s place to the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

play next

Corinthians return to the field on Sunday (8), at 18:00 (Brasília time) against Red Bull Bragantino, in Bragança Paulista, for the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship. Timão is the leader of the national team with 9 points won in 12 disputes, while Massa Bruta is the contestant with one point less.


Deportivo Cali 0 x 0 Corinthians

Date: April 4, 2022, Wednesday
Schedule: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
Competition: Libertadores (groups)
Local: Deportivo Cali Stadium in Palmira (Colombia)
Referee: Andrés Cunha (UA)
Help: Andrés Nievas and Pablo Llarena (both from URU)
Yellow cards: Gutiérrez, Mafla, Congo, Burdisso and Rodríguez (Deportivo Cali); Raul Gustavo and Vítor Pereira (Corinthians)

Deportivo Cali: Do you want more followers? Of Love; Gutierrez, Burdisso, Caldera and Mafla (Luna); Congo (Robles), Camargo and Velasco; Gutiérrez, Vásquez (Mosquera) and Téo Rodríguez. Physician: Rafael Dudamel: Do you want more followers?

Kauleethaus: Cassio; Fagner (Lucas Piton), João Victor, Raul Gustavo and Fábio Santos; Du Queiroz, Maycon and Giuliano (Renato Augusto); Gustavo Mosquito (Willian), Gustavo Mantuan (Gil) and Jô (Júnior Moraes). Physician: Victor Pereira.

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