Conflict between Russia and Ukraine: How Fear Can Affect Our Mental and Physical Health

There are three things that can be considered the most stressful: losing a loved one, losing a job, or moving to a new city. We are facing a situation where three of these situations occur simultaneously, so you can get an idea of ​​the level of stress that this situation causes.

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In war, the pillars of their lives are destroyed. The border between security and fear was rapidly broken, leading us to call it conflict.

The first can be considered as stress, the mind working at the highest limit to survive. Our savings, both physical and emotional, were quickly erased.

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Health, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), is the balance of the body. The impact of this balance is on so-called disease, that is, people get sick and can develop what we call disease – panic syndrome, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and so on.

The nature of war affects the strongest part of human thought, which is the notion of survival. This puts the highest bells together. When this thought is threatened, it is so strong that it breaks what we call memory, affecting all of us.

Keep in mind that, when we talk about unconscious reunions, we have historical records that we have been at war with – perhaps we have ancestors who were affected by this situation. We live in the same world, with a unified history.

We can also determine that the sensation, like a wave, extends beyond the body. Even so much at the time of the interview that everything was very close and we were all immediately affected.

Fear is the same and necessary, has the role of protecting us in many situations. Everyone has a way to deal with fear. In an atypical situation such as, for example, war, it seems necessary not to talk about the day, but about the magnitude of the incident.

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Indeed, high levels of adrenaline change all three equivalents, making the equation very stressful. The longer the duration for such events, the greater the contract, leading to what we call a conflict or disagreement between the two parties, also called a disease.

There are many types of conflicts, most of which are generalized stress disorder – that is, any situation, even if it is small, can lead to severe stress in the individual, which can lead to depression. Affects sleep, food and more space.

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Fear is caused by making people think of risk and threat, both physically and emotionally, seeking a healthy and balanced life. Do you think someone is not afraid to jump out of a thirty-dragon house? The end will be tragic. Fear is the average person. When it is exaggerated and unworthy, it protects a person from various circumstances.

We know today that stress, for example, can lead to heart problems, can lead to anxiety or depression, and works based on real results. Psychosomatic disorders, where the person emits pain from his thoughts into the body that he can not explain.

An example of this is when a person experiences major depression or major loss in a short period of time, they develop serious illness. The balance was broken and, with that, the door to infection was opened.

When possible, a good friend is a change in focus, forced to pay attention to certain lights and health. It can be something simple like, for example, listening to a song you like, reading a book or going for a walk.

The goal is to take the energy out of a bad situation and, naturally, relax. But this should be a habit, not an exit. These are the simplest and most effective ways of coping with low or even medium-low stress, without any physical commitment, that is, where the body is still not. can “speak”.

For example, in dangerous situations, people may experience tachycardia, insomnia, tremors, and so on. These are real situations where he really believes that big things will happen to him. When the person arrives at the emergency room, their signs are perfect.

It is important to distinguish one from the other, because when the symptoms are already on the body, it is important to get medical help quickly to avoid there is more promise.

A pillar of importance in times of great stress is spiritual harmony, a harmony for something greater than ourselves. Spiritual faith and creed have been proven to be beneficial. Thus we conclude the four pillars of humanity: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

* Mara Leme Martins PhD in psychiatry, behavioral medicine and VP BNI Brasil – Business Network International, the largest and most successful business organization in the world.

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