Companies use technology to manage teams, advertise products, classes and events

More popularly, the metaverse has risen ground in Brazil, in addition to the cryptocurrency market. A survey completed by the end of 2021, by the Kantar Ibope Media Institute, indicates that 6% of Brazilians using the internet have some degree of metaverse experience. The percentage is 4.9 million.

Seen this opportunity, Several companies are already looking for ways to integrate this technology into the industrysuch as product launches, workshops, conferences, events and even the development of experiences in the digital world to engage employees.

In the case of StartSe, the company has classes of “Business Technology”, which aims to introduce new technologies such as metaverse, NFTs, intelligent technology and the Website 3.0 for Business Leaders.. Registration opens and classes begin June 27, complete online. There will be 4 classes in 12 hours.

“With all the new technology that the market is not aware of, the competitive advantage is declining. Leaders and entrepreneurs who do not understand the concept of the new market This simply cannot be planned for the future or create a different challenge to take their business forward ”, said Piero Franceschi, CMO of StartSe.

Knowledge of staff

Voxus, a company that started a digital business through social media, has already used the metaverse to manage many of the tasks of its employees. The company created its own virtual office in Sau where all employees can create their own character to be in the world.

“We feel that the fact that the company only has interactions based on insufficient phone calls to promote the relationship of the people of the group, adversely affects the cultural care. and understanding of employees ”, explains Rodrigo Martins, co-CEO of startup.

As a result, the startup has managed to regain a sense of unity among its employees. Among the key benefits of choosing a metaverse, Martins mentions the familiarity: through inaccurate conversations between peers on issues related to the company’s business.

“We have reduced the need to schedule meetings every now and then to resolve issues that can be resolved quickly in a five-minute meeting. As the platform allows for meetings People talk and listen only to people using the same desk, it makes a lot of sense because it works just like when you are in the office “, he clarified.

Vitreo also recently ‘entered’ the metaverse, which launched the first fund in Brazil to invest exclusively in partnership with the Metaverse. The product range is distributed in shared formats and NFTs. It was inspired by a report by João Piccioni, by Empiricus. It is only necessary to have R $ 1 thousand to start investing.

The theoretical composition of the fund is 90% of the global equity and 10% of the crypto assets, with a total management fee of 0.9% pa and a total operating cost of 10% of the assets. balance.

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