Colds intensified with Diniz, beating Vila Nova and promotion to the Copa do Brasil

Packed after the arrival of Fernando Diniz, Fluminense secured a place in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, tonight (11), by beating Vila Nova 2-0, at Serra Dourada, in in the return duel of the third knockout stage. The goal of the game was scored by Cano and Luiz Henrique.

In the first leg, played by Maracanã, Flu, still under the command of Abel Braga, won 3-2 and was played for draw in Goiânia. The next level candidate will know from the drawing in the next few days.

Now, Fluminense is turning his attention to the Brazilian Championship. On Saturday (14), at 9 pm, he held the Athletico-PR of Maracanã, for the sixth national tournament. On the same day, but at 18:30, Vila Nova visits Sampaio Corrêa, in Série B.

Diniz has a no-brainer in the start-up contract

The coach presented in the current episode of Copa do Brasil with the victory and the division guaranteed. It is only his third game in his current collection with the Rio de Janeiro team. First, he won Junior Barranquilla-COL 2-1, keeping Flu alive in the Copa Sudamericana, and then managing to draw the important 1-1 draw with Palmeiras, at the Allianz Parque, for Brasileirão.

Who succeeds: Cano

Opportunist and as always well positioned, the striker scored the goal right in the beginning which provided tranquility to the team in the rest of the match and confirmed the distribution of Fluminense.

Who is bad: Nathan

It is up to the midfielder to become the team manager and replace Ganso injured. Unlit, he was slightly involved in the Flu strike, except for the crossing to Cano at the start of the second half.

chronology game

Fluminense opened the scoring in the 9th minute of the first half, with a goal from Cano, after a corner deflected by Nino on the first post. After some frustration from Vila Nova, Diniz team managed to expand in the 21st minute of the second half, with Luiz Henrique, also going.

Be the L! hmo cano

The Argentine missed a clear chance before the first minute of the game, after a deep corner from Luiz Henrique. However, it takes some time to redeem oneself and determine the distribution of the flu. At 9, he took advantage of the Nino cone, after a corner kick, and sent to the counterfoot at Georgemy open the way to victory.

Fluminense the game

He managed to score early and was in a better position in Goiânia. In the first half, he retreated after opening the scoring and having trouble keeping the ball, swapping and inventing new ways. The team was forced to flee and run the risk of bondage. He changed his mind after the break and became a leader in the final moments.

Vila Nova game

Vila Nova took a cold shower with Cano goal early in the first minute of the rolling ball, which made the role in the tie more difficult. After that, the Goiás team climbed the line, hit the ball out of Fluminense and had a strike. He lost his performance in the second half, did not get the necessary result and was eliminated.

taboo kept

Fluminense has not yet fallen on Vila Nova. With tonight’s event, there are four wins and two draws in the game against the Goiás in history. “Serra Dourado is ours,” shouted the tricolor crowd in Goiânia.

Vila clicks after the Flu goal, but the goal is problematic

After Fluminense goal, the team from Goiás started to attack, but almost failed to score. The clearest season came in Ralf heading off, at 34 of the first half, after a free kick in the area.

Fluminense ‘stood out’ in the second half

After practicing to stop the game after 1-0, Diniz team was able to recover from the break and managed to create two good chances. Cano remembers the first time, after the cross by Nathan. Shortly afterwards, Yago Felipe completed the edge of the area, but sent him off. The prize came at 21, when Luiz Henrique went after a good exchange of crossings and crossings from Pineida.

Nino turned to worry

The defender felt pain in his pubis halfway through the second half, left the sound of the stretcher and received medical treatment. Luccas Claro is Fernando Diniz’s choice to replace him. Nino will re-evaluate in the next few days and it could be a problem for Flu.

money in pockets

With a division to the round of 16 at the Copa do Brasil, Fluminense guaranteed R $ 3 million in prizes.


Copa do Brasil, back in the third round
Stadium: Serra Dourada, in Goiânia (GO)
Date and time: May 11, 2022 (Wednesday), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time)
Referee: Anderson Daronco (UA)
Supporters: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)
Yellow cards: Ralf, Arthur Rezende and Pablo (VNO); Calegari, Wellington and Martinelli (FLU)
purpose: Cano, 9 minutes from first half, and Luiz Henrique, 21 minutes from second half (FLU)

NEW VILLAGE: Georgemy; Alex Silva (Pedro Bambu), Rafael Donato, Renato and Willian Formiga; Ralf (Pablo), Arthur Rezende and Matheuzinho (Wagner); Pablo Dyego, Rubens (Diego Tavares) and Victor Andrade. Physician: Higo Magalhães

FLUMINENSE: Fabio; Samuel Xavier (Calegari), Nino (Luccas Claro), David Braz and Pineida; Wellington (Martinelli), André, Yago Felipe and Nathan; Luiz Henrique (Caio Paulista) and Cano (Fred). Physician: Fernando Diniz: Do you want more followers?

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