Coinbase Launches New Payment Service Focused on Web 3.0

Coinbase, one of the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchanges, is adding a new feature to the browser extension for moving cryptocurrency wallets that will directly make life easier for users.

The new to make it easier to enter the market for decentralized finances (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The announcement of the new services came from the company’s new blog by Coinbase Senior Director of Product Management Prakash Hariramani.

Coinbase Payments

In the meantime, Hariramani presented Coinbase Payments. The services will allow customers to use them cryptocurrency wallet through Google’s Chrome browser to skip the difficult steps required to connect to Web 3.0 services.

“Before Coinbase Payments, users wishing to add funds to their Coinbase wallet through the browser extension must go to, log in to their account, print and place it in the wallet. money, and transfer money from their Coinbase account.

The process is not only cumbersome, it also leaves the user easy to make mistakes. For example, if money is sent to the wrong wallet address, they will not be refunded.

Coinbase Payments make the process faster, easier and more secure than ever before. “

Traders can now make several cryptocurrency wallets on exchange to DeFi platforms and other cryptocurrency markets with a few clicks.

The process, in addition to being very simple and intuitive, is when, after all, warnings about errors and failures in the process are always seen around.

All you have to do is select ‘Add Cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Payments’ when you want to add cryptocurrencies to your Coinbase wallet.

Then, just select the amount you want to add to your wallet, indicate the price, confirm the change, and that is it.

In other words, there is no change of apps, printing and posting, and personal changes. “

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs for everyone

The first US cryptocurrency exchange platform for the first time announced that it would provide NFT support in your wallet browser last December.

However, Coinbase has pushed for cryptocurrencies and NFTs to be made public.

Thus, it started to allow users to pay for NFTs as well MasterCard before this year.

Other companies have also tried to lure new entrants into the market, such as providing an easier way for users to keep their wallet information (some newcomers often do not know how). and also add support for ghost wallets.

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