City study says Fortaleza has at least 127 children aged 0 to 3 “orphans of epidemics” – Ceará

The Covid epidemic continues to leave thousands dead. Affect life. In the most delicate scenario, including the death of Kovid, the orphans are innumerable. In Fortaleza, previous surveys by the city hall based on passing data from some secretariat found at least some. 127 children. Of the so-called Early Childhood – 0 to 3 years. – In this condition. They will be included in relief and defense activities, according to City Hall. Mapping will continue.

Information about children explained to the Secretary of Special Coordinator for ToddlersPatrícia Macedo was mapped last month by crossing the database among others of Municipal Health Department And information of Registration On deaths in epidemics.

Therefore, priority can be given to the number of orphans in epidemics. This work also includes information from Guardian Council.

Based on the initial study, the Early Childhood Special Coordinator reports:

  • Most of these orphans are in Areas 3, 5 and 1With 13% in Region 3, 12.60% in Region 5 and 11.02% in Region 1.
  • City Hall already knows Family members of missing childrenBut aim to deepen this knowledge based on home visits.
  • Each of these children Will be visiting In active search and will be included in the social assistance network according to their needs.
  • Oh Vaccination schedule These kids will be updated immediately.

What to do?

The work is being led by a special facilitator for young children, and this Monday (13) a multidisciplinary center for individual care was launched that will work with orphans due to childhood epidemics.

Patrícia explains that based on the quantitative survey, the city hall is preparing a survey questionnaire that will be conducted in each of the children’s homes. Estimates are that the mapping will be completed this week and visits will begin next week.

By August, it is estimated that all these child facilitators will receive visitors from the city and multidisciplinary for personal care for orphans of childhood epidemics will provide this complete diagnosis.

Mapping aims to meet the needs of each orphan. Among other questions are:

  • Do you have a birth certificate?
  • Does the host family meet the criteria for income transfer?
  • What social programs can children be included in but not enrolled in?
  • Does the host family need emotional support?

The number of children reported that Patrícia may also increase as the city hall is still in the process of mapping. “We know the upward trend. But then we will have an approach developed. Practices will already be developed in the territory. “And we will go into a more dynamic process.”

The initiative will include cross-sectoral activities of the Department of Health (SMS), Education (SME), Human Rights and Social Development (SDHDS), the Fundação da Criança e da Família Cidadã (Funci) Social Coordination Facility (CPS) and Institutional Affairs Advisers. .

Applicable actions.

In view of the diagnosis, the children and their respective families are welcomed, they can be covered with activities already established by the City Hall. For example, if a diagnosis shows that these children do not have a Social Security Number (NIS), they will be referred to SDHDS for inclusion.

Cases of extreme social vulnerability can be included in the Missão Infância card, which benefits children from 0 to 3 years of age with extra income.

In situations where children do not attend day care, notify the facilitator, they can be included in the single education list, which is a gateway to the municipal education network.

Children without a birth certificate will benefit from FUNCI’s SIM UXO program. Where there is a need to strengthen family ties, children can be included in the Grow With Your Son / Happy Child Program.

There are also strategies for experiences that need emotional and emotional support. Coordinators said that if needed, treatment would be provided by expanding the agreements signed between the City Hall and eight universities through the Fortaleza City Health Department.

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