City Hall outlines the role of primary care nurses in the population of Manaus

City Hall outlines the role of primary care nurses in the population of Manaus

The city of Manaus, on World Nurses Day, celebrates May 12, the role of public health professionals in Primary Health Care. Together with many experts, the nurses who work in the units of the Department of Urban Health (Semsa) provide services to users and also develop measures, in management work, to treat and maintain the health of all people.

City Hall outlines the role of primary care nurses in the population of Manaus

“Being a nurse is everything. He was close to the people, helping in the most difficult and inconvenient times of the population. Sometimes, the similarities are such that they have become part of the family, are people with a social voice, who use appropriate care, respect all interactions with the group socialize, and help others “, announced the director of Management. Semsa Health, Aldeniza Araújo de Souza.

Aldeniza has been a nurse practitioner for 40 years and has experience in care and administration that supports the improvement of services available to users of the Unified Health System (SUS).

“Nurses work together to promote health and well-being. Under management, it develops actions that will be applied to its area, including hands of various teams, to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to provide good services to all “, he said.


Currently, Manaus has 12,426 registered nurses with the Coren-AM Regional Board. Of these, 1,124 work on Semsa units, collaborating with physicians, physicians, social workers, pharmacists, biochemists, Community Health Agents (CHA), dentists, and other health workers.

Since January 2021, Semsa has expanded its nursing staff by 11%, including hiring 116 new specialists. They have received from both the Call for Extensions, and through the Municipal Scholarship, Research and Developmental Improvements through Work, developed by the School of Health Clean Drink (ESAP / Semsa). In the regular public race, 170 offices will be available for nurses.

“In private care, a nurse is a person who has contact with the public, who participates, who treats disputes, who advises professionals. especially with users, which makes it this way.In addition, it works at all levels of care, which also includes medium difficulty, in polyclinics, and stress, such as maternity and hospitals “, explains Aldeniza.

The disease is widespread

Covid-19 transmission has changed the pattern of interactions in many cultures, and it is no different with physicians. Together with all health workers, they have been at the forefront of combating epidemics, providing assistance to the public and pointing out ways to protect their health. self-protecting against disease.

It is in the midst of the uncertainty that the Semsa Telehealth Program has emerged, an investigation and follow-up tool for the recognition and diagnosis of Covid-19. The service is now available at a distance, due to the need for in-house separation.

Nurse Edson Castro Júnior was involved in the creation of these new positions in front of Semsa. For him, who was already 16 years old, the shift in contact with transmitted users was impacted, and left the information that is used today.

“When we started working on the phone, we knew that consumers were receiving services at home alone, and we had a responsibility to bring all the health information so they could “They live their lives, until the end of the transmission. The entire group meets regularly to exchange experiences and develop ways to improve these services,” he said. said.

Edson recalled that, at the critical time of the outbreak, some patients asked their paramedics to continue calling even after treatment. This is because many are still dealing with the effects of Covid, and they are happy to know that professionals continue to monitor their health status.

“We oversaw more than 85,000 people during the Covid-19 epidemic, and we have received significant student support from the Federal University of Amazonas and the UEA (University of the State of the Amazon’s), many graduates in Patient Care.Eaking Telehealth for the entire city is a new venture, and we have seen new ways of essential care, treating patients good for everyday life “, the nurse recalled.


Patron Ayrton Perdigão, of the iasugias Gadelha Family Health Unit (USF), in the North, says one of the greatest interests of the work is to promote good health. of the community in which he was placed. With about 13 years of experience, he has worked in Indigenous Health and Health Care, meeting the needs of the public.

“In the program, for example, we are dealing with two lives, one that is still being developed. The way in which nurses work is directly related to childbirth, and We provide all the services to keep this pregnant woman healthy, and the baby healthy, who will continue with us, “she said, remembering that it is respected by mother, who gave her the name Nurse Ayrton.

Nurse Ellen Palmeira Assunção, savior of the Municipal Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), said she chose this job because from a young age she wanted to work in the health care area, especially especially to help people.

“I can give all my passion, respect and love to others, because patient care has all of these. I chose this job because I love support, and Caring for people is important to saving lives.The importance of caring for people in my life continues to extend to everyone I have helped, including family and friends. pour “, he pointed out.

Text – Victor Cruz / Semsa

Video – File / Semcom

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