“Child care needs to be guaranteed today,” says Correio dos Municípios, a social worker working on child labor.

Photo: Mauricio Santana

“Children and teenagers have the right to dream. We must give each of them a society in which this right is not violated or stolen from Their hearts too. ” The speech was delivered by social worker and guardian counsel Vera Nazaré and was delivered during the lecture “How does exploitation of child labor affect children’s rights?” Refers to teens between the ages of 13 and 16 who are students from schools covered by the School Citizenship and Justice (PCJE) program.

The event took place on Wednesday (15) at the 13th Regional Education Management Hall (GERE) and was part of the PCJE program to mark World Day Against Child Labor. On the 12th of June. On Monday (13) Another lecture on the same topic. Advertised by the program.

In addition to Vera Nazaré is now joined by court technician Richard Barros, who explained to students the minimum age for work: 14 years old, just a younger apprentice and 16 years old in any area, as long as it is not practiced. Night shift, dangerous or bad situation.

The server also mentions laws that guarantee the general protection of the rights of children and adolescents, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the Children and Adolescents (ECA), and provides examples of real cases to context about them. He also talked about how child labor exploitation can cause lifelong problems.

Social worker Vera Nazaré used puppets to help teens understand. Photo: Mauricio Santana

“Exploiting the work of children and adolescents, getting them out of school, deprives them of the opportunity to change the reality of where they live. Problems are something that needs to be addressed, not just for children, but primarily with family guidance. ”Richard Barros Said.

Complementing the speech of the court technician, Vera Nazaré added that the provision of juvenile apprentices is a program that allows teenagers from the age of 14 to enter the labor market with all the rights provided by law, but reconciling this action with And their studies. .

At the end of the lecture, social workers and court technicians joked, answering students’ questions and singing songs with them.

“The importance of approaching this type of topic from an early age is to make each student aware of their rights. Today there is a ban on doing better than doing wrong. When it comes to children and adolescents, the best thing is to study, ”Vera Nazaré concluded.

Mauricio Santana – Ascom Esmal / TJAL

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