Check out 5 creative courses online to support your career

Online classes have seen great success since the advent of pandemic in 2020 and this change is here. According to the Global Business Survey, e-learning business is expected to double its size by 2027, receiving an investment of nearly $ 500 billion worldwide.

Despite the resumption of face-to-face work, distant learning has come together. For example, companies have become more aware of the importance of investing in continuing education of their employees, and have come to understand that digital education is the best bridge to achieve. the best results.

“Everyone learns in a different way, and when they learn, they share a better version of themselves. The techniques must be personalized, improving results and the ability to truly transform the person with whom the data is associated “, said the CEO of DNA Conteúdo Digital, in particular. in Education, Eduardo Mitelman.

Read one thing: Creativity in business promotion? Yes, roll!

Whether at the start of companies or on their own start-ups, the fact is that in a world that is growing stronger, with increasing market competition, it is necessary to modified. Check out below a list of courses and ideas online to support your career and expand your knowledge base. They all provide certification.

1) Faber-Castell classes

One of the most famous in the world, Faber-Castell has been around for hundreds of years, always following the standards and providing solution ideas for all ages. And it has been thought of expanding its solutions that Faber-Castell has developed an online creative course, which offers specialized classes for elementary, intermediate and advanced students.

In 2020, DNA Conteúdo Digital partnered with Faber-Castell to bring the news to the field. “The idea is to bring our expertise in improving learning to focus on learning (education + fun) to improve content. The result is a network of people. with the brand from the memory of studying with famous artists in the industry and college “, explains Mitelman.

To date, almost 1 million students have passed through the platform, which has more than 25 classes, both in acting and concept with Watercolor, Manga, Realism, and more. things, including training sessions such as Creative Thinking, UX and Creativity. know more.

2) New Development – SEBRAE

SEBRAE offers a free development solution for small businesses and professionals. The course addresses the practices that lead to competitive marketing.

In the classroom, the student will understand the importance of creating an environment of innovation with the participation of the whole team. You will also learn about new types of innovations and how they work to improve your company’s performance. Among the topics covered in the course are topics and types of innovation, effort, operation, PDCA of innovation, measurement and continuation. know more.

3) Creative Thinking – Harvard University

Creating Desires arises as a new and energetic way. It is used in the public, private and non-profit sector to solve consumer problems, providing specialized knowledge to consumers. There is no shortage of examples of business leaders who have grown out of human design. But how does this new approach work?

This course from Harvard University is renowned for providing expert tools to apply thought-provoking techniques, identify customer needs and improve customer experience. apply research, travel and rapid design. know more.

4) Creative Writing Workshop for Communication Professionals – ESPM

The purpose of communication professionals who work with writing, people who like to write, people who like to write, want to play with words, Creative Writing Workshop for communication professionals at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM offers a selection of online courses. – for face.

This course aims to introduce students to the basics of writing as a walking and non-stress process, improving the ability to forget about thoughts, breaking down problems. interior that makes itself impossible, leading students to understand the importance of rewriting. in the writing process to improve their performance and improve the ability to create the distance of the text itself. know more.

5) Metaverse: How it works and when – Udemy

Metaverse is a concept of time and reality (virtual) that it can not escape, especially for those working in a digital environment. But after all, what is a metaverse, WEB 3.0, NFTs and other content?

In the Metaverse course: How to Work and Work, available on the Udemy platform, you can learn about topics such as guidance and definition of Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Omniverse, Multiverse, and more. . know more.


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