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There are 160 days of approval in the Senate and the House

This moment is marked by the largest health workers in Brazil. In front of the crowded galleries and auditoriums, the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved the national floor for Nursing by 449 votes to 12. Once again, the defense of the issue united left, center and right sides, hug and attack, as a sign. that, even when polarized, nations can unite for one reason.

“There are 160 days of unanimity in the Senate and the House. In all these days, we work tirelessly to achieve that outcome. Leaders and committees should celebrate them. The support and their ability to face it. It’s beautiful to see all the beginnings that have taken place this month. I am so happy and accomplished to be a part of this historic moment and I Sure, it’s just the beginning to win many titles in our work “, said Cofen’s president’s Betânia Santos.

Caravans from all regions of the country traveled to Brasília to follow the vote. Protests with thousands of white-collar workers marched across the country’s capital. Cofen channels have garnered more than half a million views, with approximately 50,000 viewers simultaneously.

Portal Chamber of Deputies (04/5)

In the plenary Chamber, the power of speech is impressive. “It’s no surprise that operations of this importance are not on the ground defined by law. Patient care is now available in all aspects developed in SUS. They are Men and women with two or three working hours are available 24 hours a day in the clinic, assisting patients at all times, from prenatal care to At the worst time of his life, caregivers were on epidemics everywhere, risking his life to make the call and, today, he “It’s the duty of the Brazilian people to listen and discuss the needs of this course”, said the journalist. to the issue, Deputy Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC).

“Patient care represents everything in this country has been praised in recent years. Whoever abuses the poor salary of the category as something who gets do not know what hard work means, poor team, unworthy rest, hard walks “, says Vice President Célio Studart (PSD-CE). ”Brazil is deeply grateful for these professionals who put lives on the front lines. It is our responsibility to guarantee this floor. It is a 30-year strike against these workers, “said deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP).

The time it took for the meeting to establish a law on the ground was unbelievable and other work was shut down, to be examined by Congress, such as the 30-hour working day. “For more than 20 years, the Chamber has turned its back on these professionals. So today only part of the justice is done. Now, it’s 30 hours, already! How! Dare a leader vote against? “, asked Vice President Fred Costa (Patriotas-MG). “I am sure the Brazilian people want to be here in our place, voting is for Brazilian Nursing”, edited Vice President Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ).

Caravans from all regions of the country to Brasília

The consensus of government agencies representing categories around PL 2564 was developed through discussions at the National Nursing Forum. “The process that has been completed in approving this issue represents an education for all of us. It is only possible to accomplish something like this, together. I believe that from now on, we will walk knowing that, despite our differences, we need to unite for the better of the group. We are committed to working to create a better future, ”said consultant Daniel Menezes, Cofen’s representative at the Conference.

Betânia believes that the approval by a large and vocal majority in the Chamber and Senate shows the will and should be taken into account by the President of the Republic. “We expect President Jair Bolsonaro to acknowledge the work entrusted to him by the National Nursing Service and to punish the floor salaries for this category. This is a fair measure, except especially after overcoming the epidemic and all the challenges that have been forced before.As an army of soldiers who have returned from war, we deserve to be accept the acknowledgment from you, “he said.

Before submitting PL 2564 to the sanctions, representatives of the party and the Brazilian parliament had already discussed the measures to make the country more prosperous. Last Tuesday (3), a delegation met with Health Director Marcelo Queiroga to discuss the allocation of funds for the project. Zanotto (Citizenship-SC) believes that exchanges and releases are the way to finance financing. “The federal government can allocate funds to the states, cities and service areas associated with SUS. As for the private sector, we have other options, such as exemption from payments”, consider the agent.

Senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA) has unveiled the Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to establish health care in the country without overloading the city. “The agreement was reached with a group of government leaders, who will present the PLP (Complementary Law Project) to develop the budget under the decision of R $ 16 billion and it is from the Senate to present PEC, to protect the cities.One of the ideas discussed by the financial representatives is from the profits and revenues of the big companies. PEC and PLP will make it legal to use all of the minimum wage “, decided the agent.

According to data collected by the working group of the Chamber of Deputies, which examines the impact of the floor business of the group, the necessary investments to eliminate the hard work in the area of Patient Care accounts for only 4% of SUS investment. or only 5% of the proceeds from health programs in Brazil. PL 2564 creates a floor salary of R $ 4,750 for nurses and midwives, 70% of this money for professionals and nurses and 50% for services and midwives. Today, there are 1.1 million experts in research on the care of the front lines.

Location: Ascom – Cofen

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